World wide updated stock market chart. Do you have one?

    Michael lectured in Russia in 2010 and displayed a slide showing how the rest of the world is following the same path as America. Do you have an up to dare chart I can use in my lectures, educating people of the coming financial disaster and why Gold and Silver are the only assets to hold to protect one's wealth, or to build wealth when the crunch comes.

    Michael displayed a whole series of chartsduring that lecture when he was rudely cut of by the Russian Finance Minister. Any chance of obaining some of those slides?

    I notice he has upgraded his lectures with additional new slides. Are they available to assist in my quest to inform as many unsuspecting people as possible about the terrible event before it occurs? 

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    Johnno- This site doe not have what you are requesting.  I believe you need to contact Michael's company, or the lecture company He works for.  Good Luck

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