How inappropriate would it be to contact a teacher from your past?

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    The confidence a good teacher instills in a kid, follows them throughout the rest of their life.

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    Why would it be inappropriate Jenn?  Or maybe I should ask, what is the purpose for contacting him/her?


    I had a huge crush on him.... LOL just kidding... Me and my friends fixed his car a couple of times... He was very supportive and I had a lot or respect for him.

    Then, in that case, (no crush involved lol), I think he would be thrilled to hear from a former student. Teachers are usually happy to hear that someone thought highly of them, as anyone in any job might be. Good luck.

    I t wouldn't in my view.

    Are you still holding a grudge about getting an" F " in 7th grade


    I am!!

    LOL... No he was my 9th and 10th grade Eng teacher.... We were pretty tight.

    I don't think it would be inappropriate. My wife was a teacher for many years, and she is always running into former students who stop to talk. Kind and caring teachers play a big part in their students' lives, in geting them through difficult times, and guiding them.


    Difficult times... Yup that was Mr. Hogan... he saw me at my worst and still believed in me.

    I think your former teacher would love to hear from you. Good luck!


    All I can find is a phone number... I wish I could find an e-mail...

     A former teacher who really transformed a student's life for the better, might be overwhelmed by such contact.


    Overwhelmed? Is that good or bad?

    Probably good. I'd be elated if I taught a kid who was delinquent, from a broken home, had everything going against him/her, and I turned him/her around and he became successful.

    Before I moved into the sticks (PA) I would run into one of my students from time to time. I was extremely flattered that they remembered me in a positive light. Go for it, put a smile on their face.


    Wow, ed you were a teacher???? I'm guessing that you would have been unforgetable, for sure!!!! (I mean that in the nicest way.) lol
    ed shank

    What a nice thing to say, thank you. You have made my day today.

    Always cautious, I would try to be self assured they would remember me first. It could be embarrassing..... I ran into my art teacher years after the class and he recognized me, thank God......


    Teachers can't be expected to remember EVERY student they EVER had.

    I think he/ she would be honored. Teachers like to hear from their former students. They like to know what you're doing now. It makes them feel like their career was all worth while

    DO IT !!!! Teachers love to see their former students!

    Go for it, I was a insructor in the Army and nothing pleases me more, well maybe not "nothing", than to meet one and see the influence that the service in the army via me helped form their future.

    Very appropriate to show your respect and exchange notes. A great opportunity to say THANK YOU once again.

    If your relationship with the teacher had been teacher/student, no problem.  One kid in high school made off with the English teacher (she was 26 to his 16). That might be awkward.  I recently contacted the man I worked for 25 years ago and we had an excellent conversation...but we had mutual respect for each other and I had no agenda with him, or vice versa. 

    The sooner the better!

    Very inappropriate if your purpose is to hurt this teacher.


    Jenn wouldn't do that .

    I would never do that... How would I hurt an old teacher... Why would I?

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