why is my account showing balances in red back to last year when I checked with a real person @ your bank who told me that my account was fine. What is the prblem???? I seem to have been having this happen too often and this is troubling to me. My account is okay acccording to people at the bank when I talked to them. I don't know what is going on?????

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    This communication may be a indicator of why you are having problems . To put it bluntly you have missed the bank by miles.We are not even remotely related to the bank in any way . I wont take liberties here as this is serious matter ,and having fun at your expense would just be unkind . You need to retry your effort to resolve your bank issues with the correct address . If you type your banks name in google with contact in your question you should get a correct email and have better results .  All my best .             Bill

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