Did you take any of the advice?

    Many write questions about troubled relationships or other matters and wonder what to do. You receive a plethora of responses from well-meaning members.
    What, if any, advice have you taken from here. How did your problem get resolved. 

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    Don't think I ever specifically asked for advise. Someone always eventually asks the question.

    I had a question about an automobile problem. The one person that I expected to have an answer did (as well as two others). For some reason the problem corrected itself (to the amazement of my mechanic), but the advise I received here will likely be of value in the future. Two or three other questions were opinion related, and the answers were of value to my need.

    Well, like my fellow member, I've "Benthere", thankfully, I haven't needed much of the well given advice.....


    you continue having sleeping problems

    Not as long as I medicate..........

    The only piece of advise I have taken was non-advise... I disagreed and "Ah Ha!"... I have to look at that another way... problem solved!

    I don't think I've asked for advice either, but do get some useful tips especially for my sadly lacking computer skills from other people's questions


    I love the tips.... I have to agree.

    What advice ?  Did I miss something here ?   < < < <ignore this response. Didn't see PKB's extra information qualifying her question. Tried to delete this, but it wouldn't delete.

    I take my own advice. Often the advice I have taken from others proved less reliable than my own. I am honest with myself and others. When I took someones advice that was poor…I felt personally cheated by the bad advice and that the advisor was responsible. When I got useful advice i let my benefactor know of my gratitude. So I am happy to offer the best advice that I can.   

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