Do you believe in destiny

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    I also believe it can change depending on the decisions one makes.

    I wouldn't have thought this to be true except 10 years before my son was born my mother and I were talking about my girls in a telephone conversation... I blurted out, "I am not done having children.  I am going to have a son."  At the time it seemed like the most ridiculous statement to make as I was married to a man who didn't want any more children and I was 38 years old.

    I divorced my first husband.

    I met my current husband.

    At 48 I gave birth to a son. 

    I do believe in destiny. 



    Awww,you,re a lucky lucky prawn. What exactly do you call a baby prawn? Prawn spawn?

    We refer to our bundle of wonder as Shrimpie.

    What a nice blessing !

    A lovely blessing ... he is just so wonderful.




    I believe in God and God gives us our free will therefore it is all about the choices one makes in life and what they choose to do about them.


    what about the choices we don't make, circumstance, or things beyond our control that may have changed our lives

    I am not saying that those things do not happen either as the bible says it rains on the just just as it does the unjust, we will all have trials and tribulations but we can do only the best we can but we do come to roads in life that we do have choices and all choices have consequences. But I know what you mean lambshank yes there are things that happen in our lives that we did not make that choice for ourselves nor choose that path and that was beyond our control been there am there now but I do not have the answers I just have to pray more and rely more on God more than ever maybe that is where he is trying to make me see that I need to rely on him more? I don't know but I do know that there are circumstances beyond one's control in our lives and for that I wish I could change but I just have to depend on God because ultimately he is the only one I can truly trust and depend upon. Mankind will always let you down somehow someway.

    Looking back on some of the not so pleasant events in my life, I often wonder, what is my purpose here. I have cheated death on so many occasions it's beyond a miracle that I'm still alive. Destiny, I believe were are predestined to accomplish a specific act. Then you die. 

    Predestination is iffy but a person can create his own destiny..........


    not sure, I do believe that a person creates his own happiness, fortune or misfortune

    How can we not believe in destiny? Did we have a choice in what colour eyes we wanted or where we wanted to be born? We don't choose to be blind or deaf? How come some people survive cancer and others dont? when you think about it, these are things we have no control over. It's our destiny.

    The belief in destiny is the denial of free will…as if we have no choice about the way of our personal progress. Seeking to control our own life ways is free will, making our own way. The belief in destiny     gives us the notion that we can also influence the destiny of others which expands to include all forms of personal manipulation and persuasion and our overall culture and progress. 

    I`m not sure what destiny is.

    I think (positive) destiny is a beautiful, romantic idea.  But what about (Negative) destiny? Just the opposite.  Fishy you cave me chills- the good kind- as, thus far a few things I have been gut level, God level sure of haven't come to pass.

    I think from God's perspective there are no surprises. From the human perspective there are many surprises. I do believe in destiny, but I think that our decisions and free will direct our paths.

    When you believe that a certain place, career, person, or decision is your destiny, it will effect your decisions and lead you in that direction because of your belief. There are also things that happen to us that some consider coincidence and others consider destiny. I seem to think everything happens for a reason, good or bad.


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