how do you make a girl love you GIRLS

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    Love takes time, so be patient. And be kind. Try to be the best you, you can be at every thing you do. Be happy and interesting. Try to listen more than speak. Give her an honest compliment, not every day but every now and then. For example: your so nice, you look very pretty today, you sure are smart. Do not be over bearing. Some time when you see her just wave hello. But never ignore her. If you want to speak to her ask her is it ok if I sit here or can I walk with you, talk with you. If she says no. Say ok maybe some other time.  Try some of these things and you are sure to be a hit . Remember before she can love you she has to like you. So be a good friend. Only time will tell. Good Luck Sweetie!

    Treat her like a real person, with respect and listen to her. Making her laugh is always a plus. Good luck......

    Be Honest at all times and respect her

    you give a girl a ring and then give her a kiss


    You can't make a girl love you, it has to be a click thing or not, for either of you.

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