Have you ever met

    any of your akaQA pals in person? 

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    I've not met anyone personally yet, but keep thinking how interesting it would be to have an akaQA convention. I've shared a few e-mails.

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    No and I'm quite sure that there would be some major surprises and probably disappointments. Years ago, I dealt with a man, by telephone, for many months. I pictured him to be in his 40's, tall, large, with a thick head of black hair and nice looking. His receptionist asked me one day (while I was holding for him) how I would describe him. When I told her, she went into hysterical laughter, saying, everyone thinks that.  Let me tell you....he is about 5'3", 120 lbs, very thick glasses, an extremely large nose, completely bald, and in his mid 20's.

    Of course it didn't matter and she agreed that EVERYONE  loved him because he was so very efficient but.... I'm just saying.



    My closest friends are way shorter than me...well, 3-4 inches.

    Took a fish head to oo the uh movies
    Didn't have to pay to get him in!

    I think it's not odd at all to hang out with a terestrial shrimp!!! If you could handle me stopping to converse with the birds and dogs while we walked to dinner.

    Only via emails.......

    No, not yet......

    No not yet! But isn't funny how much of us think alike?


    It is generally the best company I keep.

    You can keep me any day BobPKB! LO..U.

    :D U2

    NO   Not that I know of.......{:D

    No..not yet...but i'd love too..


    Should it be a convention or all members or an invitation only?

    All...wide open.

    I agree with "ducka' open to all, ..

    wide open

    Open it is, then!

    No one.


    Will you come to the akaQA convention? PLEEZE

    No...not yet!

    I often think that if i won a huge amount of money,i would pay for whoever wanted to come to Australia,  put you all up in a motel in Sydney and then we could spend the day on Sydney Harbour on a beautiful boat and get to know each other.Wouldn't it be fun ?


    That sounds like a wonderful experience. Please keep betting! My mom was fortunate to travel in Australia many years ago and has always maintained it to be one of the most beautiful places she's visited. (she traveled extensively during the 1980s).
    That is a generous thought, pythonlover. If I win a bundle, I'll pay for the trip.

    I think we're all packed and waiting now. lol

    I would rather go to Perth, haven't been there! lol

    Don't know if I like the idea. I've been shot twice already.


    And third time's charm, right.....?

    Just don't give me a reason, mister. :D

    What are you planning to do that might get you shot... You may need to stay home.

    I believe only Mel and PeopleLover have met so far. 

    Bob well Colleen is Right I think we are the only ones which have met Peoplelover and me I dont know what he exspected from me but I think he was a bit shocked! as he said he didnt think I looked like how he thought I still dont know weather that was agood thing or a bad thing! and I didnt think at all... all I knew that he was a guy from aussie but I am glad we met wow I could have talked and talked to him sooooo interesting love him to bits so if any one wants to visit your all welcome! oxoxoxoxox


    From what I know of you, melandrupert, and the photos peoplelover has shared, it's no wonder you got along famously! It would be a happy day for me to take off for a visit with many of you!

    Bob/PKB it would be a happy day to for me to meet you to oxoxoxoxo

    Three strikes your out remember.

    I've given enough people here a reason to take a shot.



    ed shank, how can that be; your answers are always given with consideration to others' feelings and you are always softspoken and non- confrontational. You are NEVER politically incorrect; I don't understand. NOT :D
    I'd run interference for you; I like that you don't mince words. Besides, you are going to be the bartender.
    ed shank

    I am flattered by your kind words. You've made my day today. The champagne is on me.

    Pretty sure no, though in a way it would be really good, it would also take the anonymity away, not that it's a big deal but sometimes good to just have something that is almost a sounding board, or privately away from other things (such as work)


    It's kind of cool NOT knowing, but on the other hand, it would be fun to at least see what everybody LOOKS like. Or hear their voices.

     I would love to... I have been saying for a while we all need to take a cruise!!!!


    phythonlover's party sounds pretty good; will that work for you, Jenn? I'm free beginning in May. Lovely time for a vacation almost anywhere, isn't it?

    Actually, I was in a conversation the other day about travelling & I immediately thought, wow, it would be so nice to return to the UK and get a personal tour from a QA pal..the same with our Aussie peeps...actually, going anywhere with you guys would be interesting...because you guys are so cool.


    Hey Fishy thanks! I'd give any of you guys a tour of my 'neck of the woods'

    doo: Where is your neck of the woods. I’ve forgotten. I remember both names and faces but I forget places.

    The Mid-Atlantic...very close to both DC, Baltimore, and the Chesapeake Bay is "in my back yard- so to speak"

    Just to imagine from the answers given on AKAQA is good for me.The mind could run riot. 


    You must kinda feel like Ducka...

    It scares me to think Ducka could be a Duck!!.And ed shank could be twins with Lamb shank poor little Lambs.Mind you Egg plant could start laying my breakfast

    Wouldn't it be even scarier to find out that I AM NOT A DUCK!? Hmm..just what could I be?
    And imagine "fish girl" turned "fish fry" ??

    Ducka I think you are a "Swan ,Playing a part in Swan Lake .Gobbling up poor fish girl!!could you Imagine that? lol

    I’m pretty sure we will all meet eventually…it’s just a matter of time. 


    .......ooh, maybe it could be like "LOST".

    Well Bob/PKB. Every time I see your avatar I marvel at how much you look like my step daughter, so maybe we have met. Are you sure you live in Cali?


    My mind and body function appropriately, my heart beats and lungs breathe. That's being alive. As for LIVING, not so sure, but definitely in Cali. Almost dead center.
    BTW...pretty stepdaughter!


    It wasn't akaQA but I did meet people from the other side of the U.S. from me. We met at Carmel Beach, CA and had a bonfire and read poetry. (You can’t hear anybody’s poetry when the ocean roars and the fire crackles)  I hear the party went late into the night but my husband and I went home early. It was a wild bunch ... for poets! 

    After that first meeting lots of people fell in “love” and traveled to the other side of the U.S. (Florida -The Keys)

    akaQA people would be calmer and drink less.  (Maybe)


    November 2003

    I totally forget that I wrote that. I knew the poet who gave the bon fires perhaps too well.. He lived a mile from me. Those were the daze. Was it ten years ago? Was it five years ago? Was it in another life.
    I met these poet people in on-line poetry classes. I know that sounds deadly dull but I swear I have never laughed so hard. Never.
    Now I'm kinda old and my shoulder and back keep me close to home but I'm fortunate to have some fun relatives,my daughter and her family live around the corner, a smattering of neighbors, and some old (not THAT old) people from the past (Sadly none of those wild poets) and most of the people who inhabit akaQA are special.
    My husband said, "Do you really know the people on akaQA named
    Fishlet, Ducky, bulletman,figtree, pythonlover, lambshake, jhharlan,
    ed shank, Colleen,Country Bumpkin, ROMOS,TSC,tabber,Bob/PKB.
    gooelley loo, Ann, Facebook, Daren, Jersy, mycatsmom,benthere, headlessman,robertgrist, tabber,dowsa, nondeplume,jenn, doolittle,
    val R. (Good for memory, kids)
    I hope I didn't leave anyone out. Please sign here.________________.
    I talk about some of you like you are REAL people who inhabit my life.
    Oh my! Are any of you NOT real???

    and Tommy!

    No i haven't met any Aka members , it would be fun to converse in person with all of them.


    Thanks for your answer,b-man. Do you think we'd dare discuss religion or politics? :D

    @Bob...better cancel the cruise..somebody may end up going overboard! lol

    As we all live in different continents it would not be wise or suitable to discuss Religion or Politics, Ms Bob (You don't mind me calling you Ms. Bob)

    I think religion and politics should be off limits. I think we SHOULD play Pictionary and o dancing.

    no, but if there is ever and event and chance to meet everyone, i might come if i am not too busy and can afford it at the time.


    It won't be nearly as much fun if you aren't there!

    Colleen and I had a one night stand a few years back, but besides that, NO. ;)


    Does she know about this, TSC?

    She was sedated. ;)

    Moderator Rob is short for Roberta?
    country bumpkin


    @ Ducky LOL

    if the members ever decide to meet.  i think las vegas would be a great place. but somehow i love the fact that many of us do not know what we look like.  its like brain to brain communication. that is facinating to me.  but i am always happy to see picture of others.


    LV would be a great place to gather. There is a lot to do and the city never sleeps!


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