Would you contact an ex after 6 months if you were still thinking of them? Why or why not?

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    No, there is no purpose unless you love drama.  An ex is an ex for a reason.  Think about it and move on, for goodness sake!



    I also think circumstance would play a role, if the split was amicable I can't see why not unless the person has moved on and has someone new in their lives, in which case I would leave well enough alone as I certainly wouldn't interfere with their future with someone else

    I think a lot would depend on the circumstances surrounding the break up, especially if those involved amicably split up. I've saw it happen before, to where they stayed together until one died from an illness. Most would probably depend on how you view the other, or how they view you, and what you had both brought to each other's lives.

    Their an ex for a reason, keep remembering that. Why do people always reflect on the good times in a relationship gone bad instead of the beatings they've sustained?

    Maybe if the hit the lottery , other than that why bother..

    Let sleeping dogs lie

    sex. What else could there be.

    Probably not .If i was wanting to contact any of my exes itd almost certainly be for revenge!!!!!  Cant ever remember finishing with anyone on amicable terms though...

    Nope because they are not a former ex for nothing.

    Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.  If I instigated the breakup, it would just be wrong on a number of levels.   If he broke up with me, it would just be pathetic and needy.  If it was a mutual decision, it would just be disrespectful.  

    An ex what ????  By your listed BD you are about  eighteen years old.    An ex neighbor ?/   Go ahead, what the hell.     

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