I have 100+ pill bottles, different sizes and all with lable stuck on...

    I was thinking of making a lamp of some sort but I'd love any other ideas of what to do with them. I have a hot glue gun.............

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    Cristmas tree orniments......with a light inside each one......thats just one thought......


    An excellent thought, I could paint them, too....

    First, my friend, peel off those labels!  
    I've been using mine to hold earring backs, some of my bead stuff (the "real" bead containers are muy expensivo).
    If you can drill a small hole in the middle of both bottom of the bottle and the lid, you could use fish line and string yourself a windchime!  
    You could use them to start seeds for the flower or vegetable garden (again, need hole from drainage).
    On the really silly side, you could put them on their sides, building them up by row, like a pyramid, add some little bits of animal fur, and they could be little apartments for KOTF's subjects!  


    I have more bottles than I have things to store in them. I mean, I have 100+ and I hate the idea of throwing them away. I may just glue them into a lamp of sorts........

    if yo have a garden yo could make some kind of statue get of all the stickers first then fill them with some different colored sands this will give them weight / or make some kind of vase get a vase first then cover the vase in plastic bottles and make it a lot taller so it can stand on the floor

    Glue them together to the size of your window, you may have to cut a few to make it fit snugly into the window sill. Take it out so that you can paint a picture on them. You could even put colored glass or marbles inside them.

    You could use them as a bobber if you like to go fishing? Put loose screws, nuts and bolts in them.??



    And you mean peal off the labels, yuck but, art is work........

    Is it odd of me to ask.....why do you save them?....don't you just throw empty  bottles in the recylce bin (or garbage) when you're finished?


    I guess I'm some sort of hoarder. I just had so many at one time it seemed a shame just to pitch them and they've piled up ever since. Surely something artsy can be made with them.........

    Well okay then...fishy would be your girl!

    Go for the lamp but don't use hot glue... it will eventually give way.  Get a product ... gel medium which is for painting with acrylics... holds forever.

    You can make them into a stained glass window, you'd have to have the right kind of paint and make them the exact size of your windows, but they'd fit right onto your window sill.


    Explain this idea a bit more... I could pick up paint but I'm not following on how to do this. Its a very good thought........

    Throw them in a tub with hot water and some tide or detergent. If they soak long enough the labels will come off much easier, you could also cut them in half to allow light to pass through them easier...

    You could stack them on their sides and call it a Hotel fer Crickets!


    Best Answer!

    Be careful, it could be bait!

    I'm a hoarder too...because "someday" these will come in handy.  Paint and put one near every sink to put your rings in....I liked the bead holder and seedling thing alot....I need to consult my resident artist the aardvark named Veto...I will return to this question.  {my surgery went well but I now need to walk the halls}.

    Throw  them in the recycling

    Just dont point your "Hot" glue gun at "ME.

    Place them in tray.  Photograph them. Recycle.them. Frame the picture & hang it on the wall.


    That's what I want to do with all of my bottles filled with ring tabs....I like the photography idea..............

    Why not build a raft and set sail for Bora,Bora..

    Pill bottles??????? Art??????

    I make plastic items…quite a lot of things in fact. I use a dramel hand power tool with a variable speed controller to cut and shape plastic into various parts. The colored plastic medical bottles I have cut into jewelry elements for earrings and bracelets. I usually end up with things that no one would recognise as originating from such a humble source. Very hot water will make the pill bottles melt down to allow you to press the hot plastic goo between spoons for an interesting shape. I made fishing lures that way when I was a kid. Have fun with it there are lots of things that you can do with plastic.



    Who wudda thought? Obviously I don't have an artistic bone in my body...although I do sketch once in a while...and then quickly put the sketch away in my closet! lol

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