where are republican caucuses being held in iowa city

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    Republican party announces caucus locations
    IOWA CITY- The Republican Party of Johnson County has announced the locations of the Tuesday, Jan. 3, Republican Precinct Caucuses for Johnson County. Doors open for the precinct caucuses at 5 p.m. and participants should be seated by 7 p.m.
    Caucus sites for the North Liberty area include:
    • Monroe Township: Swisher American Legion Hall;
    • Jefferson West Township: Swisher American Legion Hall;
    • Jefferson West Township: Shueyville Community Center;
    • North Liberty 1: North Central Junior High gym;
    • North Liberty 2: North Liberty Community Center (lower level);
    • Madison Township: North Bend Elementary
    • Oxford Township and City of Oxford: Oxford Elementary;
    • Clear Creek Township: Clear Creek Amana High School;
    • City of Tiffin: Clear Creek Amana High School.
    All registered Republicans may attend. Persons who will be 18 by the Nov. 6, 2012, presidential election may vote in the caucuses.
    Parking may be congested due to large numbers of participants, and new residents of their precinct or those needing to re-register as Republicans should come early to complete the required registration forms before 7 p.m.
    The precinct caucuses will begin with a non-binding vote for candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, with speeches on behalf of candidates for president.
    The precinct caucuses will then elect three or more members of the Johnson County Republican Central Committee, depending on their population and Republican vote for President in 2008. The caucuses will also elect delegates and alternates to the Republican County Convention, to be held March 10, 2012, in the numbers indicated on the attachment.
    The caucuses will conduct other party business, including resolutions to be sent to the County Platform Committee, election of committee members to the County Convention committees, and such other business as may properly come before the caucus.
    For further information, contact the Johnson County Republican Party at 319-?339-83

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