What do you think about our Gas Prices now? What whould we do to keep it at a low price?

    Gas prices has been going up crazy all of a sudden, and I wondering what we should do to help it not raise any more further.

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    Prices are partially inflated by the speculators on the market.

    Also, the dollar keeps dropping in value because our government keeps printing money. Since oil is priced in dollars, it is taking more and more dollars to purchase the same amount of oil.

    Despite what the greenie weenies would have you believe, buying a Prius and carpooling is not going to lower gas prices, at least nothing significant.

    How to lower prices? First, oil is not a commodity that should be traded, IMO. I'm all for free markets, but not when it threatens national security.

    Second, we need to strengthen the value of the dollar. Quit spending money we don't have and quit printing money.

    Third, someone ship all these environmentalists to the middle of Siberia. They are the reason we can't build a refinery or a nuke plant. We have enough resources to be self sufficient for hundreds of years. We could quit financing the terrorists in the Middle East, and prices would be stable. As it is now, everytime a gnat farts in the middle east, oil shoots up.

    Once we exploit our own resources and become self sufficient, then make alternative energy a priority. Electric cars, recharged by nuclear plants is one way to go. Lots of options if we get serious.

    Until we get rid of special interest groups and the corruption in our government, I don't see any of this happening. I envision gas prices will continue to rise. Maybe when gas hits $20 gallon and we are fighting with China over oil, our society will wake up and do something. Until then, business as usual for the sheeple.

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