What does erasing your hard drive do, and how do I do it completely?

    I'm giving away a hard drive to my friend, since I want to start clean and my new computer comes with a new hard drive. How do I erase it, and when I clear my hard drive, what will be erased? Thanks, I'd really appreciate answers.

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    Download a free program from the following site. It will erase everything from your hard drive.


    You will need to boot up with another hard drive or CD to erase it and you need to zero it out to be sure nothing can be retrieved.
    shalom lass

    Thanks! I'm not totally sure what you mean, but I get the gist (or at least my older computer-smart brother will, he's visiting in a week)! He doesn't know how to wipe a hard drive, though.
    Headless Man

    This can vary depending on what you have.

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