how do i delate reg clean pro. off my laptop? i cannot get rid of it. it keeps poping up everywere

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    What is RegClean?
    RegClean (a.k.a RegClean 2008) is a rogue anti-spyware program (a rogue registry cleaner) released January 7, 2008. This one pretends to be the best registry cleaner there is, but the reality is way different. Reg Clean is a scam not unlike any other rogue anti-spyware scam: this program uses scare tactics, such as falsified scan reports, to make users to buy the fake full version.

    RegClean must be downloaded and installed manually. When active, it allows you to perform a registry scan, which produces a false and exaggerated report spiced-up with registry errors. These errors can supposedly only be fixed using the full version of RegClean2008, which is, of course, something you have to buy and which doesn’t really work.

    RegClean’s website tries desperately to be convincing, but fails. Everything is just too random, especially the misplaced and misguided logos, such as the one that assures us there is no adware or spyware bundled to the trial version – sounds really legitimate, doesn’t it? And I really loved this part: "Q: Why is my computer slow? A: It’s not a virus and it’s not a problem with your hardware. The fact of the matter is that your Windows registry is corrupted, seriously compromising your computer’s speed and stability. " Notice the random bold text and the overall amount of nonsense. There is, of course, no contact information, so I wouldn’t be overexcited about that "Money back guarantee".

    RegClean is a scam and should be treated as such: do NOT download or buy it and block using your HOSTS file. Note, that rogue anti-spyware removal is typically a difficult task.

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