What is the best medicine to use for a dog with skin allergies?

    I have a long haired chow mixed dog. I have to shave him in the summer due to his skin allergies. This year is the worse so far. He is itching constantly and smells horrible no matter how often I bathe him or what type of shampoo I use. He still smells afterwards. The vet says it's a skin allergy & heat causes the symptoms to be worse.

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    His vet could be putting him on steroids to alleviate some of the itching or even benadryl to give relief against the allergies. It sounds like you are bathing him to often, this will only intensify his skin condition. Dogs should be bathed no more than one time per month and the shampoo should be non allergenic and perfume free. Get a good, natural brand dog shampoo and do like suliz suggested and find a new vet.
    Change your vet. That is NOT an acceptable answer.

    You need a proper diagnosis and, if necessery, prescription medication, shampoo or dietary advice.

    One of my dogs has a gluten allergy. Uncontrolled, which it was when I took her on, she scratched herself raw.

    The 'treatment' is a gluten-free diet, no more expensive to provide than an ordinary good-quality food.

    Her shampoo IS prescription only, but a bath - shower in her case because she's big - every 6 weeks is sufficient.

    That is only one possible cause. I've only described it to show you I couldn't control it without a good vet.

    As for the dog smelling worse in hot weather... that sounds more like an infection than an allergy.

    IF another vet confirms an allergy tests should be carried out. The cause could be as simple as the detergent used to wash the dog's bedding.

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