homosexuality! why does it offend those of a (mostly) religious persuasion?

    If it is the sexual act that offends you?

    what is going on in your minds?

    I am sure that everyone who condemns any sexual act has either never had it and is boiling with frustration or is in denial! or has a no-holds-barred very active varied and exciting sex life but chooses to condemn to keep face!

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    I am straight,always have been & always will be.I don't understand what gives gay people the impulse to have relations with someone of the same sex but that's just because I'm straight,not because it's an abomination in gods eyes or anyone elses eyes for that matter.Whatever floats your boat.I actually have a couple of gay friends(Male).they don't find it necessary to divulge what goes on in the privacy of their own home & I don't ask.Neither one of them has ever put the hard word on me & I doubt that that ever would.They are just 2 peop;e committed to each other the same as any good marriage.Why not just leave people alone & let them sort out their ow sexuality & stop bringing bloody religion into it.These people who preach about it being an abomination sound as if they would love to try it but are too bloody scared.And that my friends is the most i have ever had to say on any subject at any time!:):):):)
    Colleen: Gay or not,Go girl.You're OK in my book.

    "I don't understand what gives gay people the impulse to have relations with someone of the same sex"

    The same exact things that give straight people the impulse to have relations with someone of the opposite sex. The same exact things.

    Same back to you Tommy, Gay or not, you're OK in my book ;)

    I thought I explained it better,I don't get those impulses when I see another bloke.But some women can stir me.(It's OK to look at the menu.As long as you go home for dinner.):):)

    You don't get them because you're not gay. This should just prove to anyone who can not understand gay is not something someone chooses. Without the impulses, people would not be gay. You know for yourself you could not ignore your impulses nor could you force yourself to have impulses for a sex you were not naturally drawn to. I do not have one iota of an impulse toward a man but I do for women.

    I do realize it's not something you choose.You would have to be nuts to choose to complicate your life like that.that's why I try not to treat gays any differently to other people.Which is primarily what they are."PEOPLE".gay comes in a distant second or third.

    Thanks Tommy and thanks for letting me use your comment as a sounding board for facts I like to put out for others to see who may still be believing we choose this sexuality. ;)

    As always,you are welcome.
    people are scared of what they dont understand
    Mr grit I don't hate anybody.I'm a CHRISTIAN like you don't know that.But i have tons of friends who don't like gays.So why don't you get on the straight people and leave us bad CHRISTIANS alone.I don't sit around and worry about anybody's problems.GOD BLESS YOU.
    Homosexuality is an abomination to God, it's not natural, but neither is a lot of things we do. All can be forgiven, sexual sin is probably the most common sin and if we ask God to help us He will.
    I'm not saying loving someone of the same sex is wrong only the sexual part.
    i was taught to love the sinner not the sin..
    We have been trough this before on this site. To discriminate against Gay people is just as bad as racial dicrimination. They have the right to be happy , just like hetrosexual people and they schould have the right to marry. What they, or we do in our bedroom is no ones business.

    I could care less what people, gay or straight, do in their own bedrooms. I believe marriage is a union between a MAN and a WOMAN. Plain and simple.

    Come to my town and meet a few hundred people i know.And you'll find out that all my friends don't like gay people.I don't have a problem with gays but because i'm a CHRISTIAN you try real hard to make me look bad.But you wont succeed.And by the way all my friends don't go too Church and they don't like me to talk about it around them.

    @ bestway, You lost me.... Who are you referring to with this: "it it is a filthy immoral destructive life threatening practice. " ?

    Are you talking about the straight men who slept with AIDS infected female prostitutes and then took the disease home to their wives? We know these female prostitutes could not have gotten AIDS from gay men and lesbians are the least likely to get the disease, so again, clue me in if you're speaking of cheating husbands leading a "filthy immoral destructive life threatening practice".

    Another question: Why must you use every thread here as a pulpit? Don't you have a church or something you can go preach at?

    It doesn't bother me that they're gay, but I don't think they should make a farce out of marriage. Marriage is sacred.

    Maybe you should go to the middle east.I'm tired of hearing about it.I'm sure they will give you the final answer.I hear their meaner than us CHRISTIANS.

    i see it as people are afraid to be judged, but wouldn't think twice about judging others, whatever your sexuality is, should be really your business and if others have a problem with, then they should stfu, and leave you alone. i eman they say being gay isn't choice, then when put those people through hell, just accept them, most of them do believe in the same religion as others, they are still human, same with bi-sexuals, and straight people, who are we as human beings to cast judgement on others, or tell other who to love, and how to love. to me personally "Love is love, adn sex is sex" no matter who you do it with, or how you do it, or what you use when you do it, etc. as long as your getting plessure,a nd happyness from it, then don't worry about what others think, because when it all comes down to it, when you die, and face is a god (not on religious terms, just saying since we don't 100% know if one is real. but i like to have a little faith in one)... but when you face god, he should be the only person giving judgement. and i do believe in churches and whatnot they say god understands all, and accepts all his children, then in that case he'll accepts the gays, and let them into so-called heaven, he'll accept the ignorance we have on this planet, because we truly don't know what after life. all we can do is live our lives the way we want.

    for the record i'm straight, my best friend is bi-sexual, i know gay people both females, and males, same with bi-seuals, i don't see a problem with any of it. it's your life, do what you want. want to be gay, then be gay, if not then don't, just don't go around disrespecting others that went a different path than you.

    Homosexuality,  one sex enjoying relations with the same sex. I'm straight and my very good friend isn't.  The bible doesn't get in the way of our friendship,  neither do cake bakers. We share a lot in common and celebrate that. Who YOU sleep with is none of my business....

    number 1,i do not know how a Christian can agree that being gay is right and agree with their Bible,,however the bible says to hate the sin,not the person..but more important is it offends my God.There is a lot more i could add to the conversation,,but i believe in KISS, (keep it simple stupid)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It doesn't offend me, and I'm a Christian. But, the reason some bible thumpers are offended, is that it offends God. The scriptures say it's an abomination to God.
    Other scriptures say that one of the signs that the world is ending, is when men lay with men.
    It's an abberation that tends to run in families. You can tell it's not the usual course, b/c the parts don't fit together. You can't put a penis into a penis.
    I think gays have as much right to do what they want to do as anyone else. It dosen't bother me in the least since I like women, however It irks me to see a lesbian dressed like a man with a woman who may be her lover. Why do thy dress as male/female
    if they are homosexual? They, the ones that dress like men, should adopt a new look.

    The thing to wonder about is how the "churchy, religious folk" respond to homosexuality.

    Some exercise what used to be their right to refuse service to anyone. 

    Some execute them. 

    So many of churchy people are self righteous and holier than thou.
    Hence Jesus said 'He that is without sin cast the first stone,' in the knowledge that He was the only one present without sin.

    If you can think back to the eighties the AIDS plague was rife among Gay men particularly celebrities.
    Uninformed people used to say it was gods punishment. But my how the Gay men were relieve when women got it too. But I always asked who gave it to women. Then we heard about the prostitutes with the disease that were determined to give it to as many men as they could before they died. Then when we show them Gods law on the matter they say God is biased. Lets face it it is a filthy immoral destructive life threatening practice. Gods word on which Presidents and Kings swear when taking office says so. If I got taken to court for bias I would defend my self from very book I was asked to swear by.

    Jesus I have been told saw  his ministry as an invitation and, if a person is having a really happy life without god, than that is the most important to me. Their well-being and their happiness and, I of course wouldn't force the first testament onto that person if they wouldn't be as happy that way. Thanks

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