Any other people having excess mucas in mouth tryed pills /had xrays over last 18 mths still no luck

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    I'm going to assume you mean throat and not mouth.

    Cures for Excessive Mucus in the Throat
    Jennifer Garcia
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    By Jennifer Garcia, eHow Contributor

    Have you ever had the feeling that you can't clear your throat? A feeling that, no matter how many throat lozenges you use or how many times you clear your throat, there just seems to be an excess amount of mucus in there? Not only can excessive throat clearing be annoying to those sitting near you, but it can also lead to a sore throat if the mucus is not cleared out.

    Steam and oils

    One way to treat excess mucus in the throat is to drink lemon tea with honey. Not only will the lemon help remove excess mucus, but also the honey will soothe any throat irritation that has been caused by excessive throat clearing. The tea works best when it's consumed warm.
    Using herbal steam with essential oils is another way to rid yourself of excess mucus in the throat. Essential oils such as lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus should be added to a pot full of steaming water. A towel can be placed over the head, creating a sauna-like atmosphere, and the oil can be taken in by inhaling the steam. Only a drop or two of oil is needed, however, and be careful to not burn yourself.
    Vapor rub and cough syrup

    Use vapor rub to help alleviate excessive mucus, as well. Combine a quarter teaspoon of either lavender, eucalyptus or tea tree oil with an eighth-teaspoon of thyme or peppermint oil and then add in about a quarter cup of olive oil; mix thoroughly and rub onto the throat and chest.
    Cough syrup will frequently get rid of excessive mucus. It can break up the mucus in your chest, which, in turn, will keep excessive mucus from building up in the throat. Use an expectorant cough syrup to make a cough productive; with a suppressant cough syrup, the mucus will not come out of the chest. Herbal cough syrup works best in some cases. Cough syrups that contain rose hips, lemon grass, licorice root, slippery elm bark or thyme and mullein leaves are recommended natural remedies.
    Chew some licorice root

    Chewing on licorice root can also help relieve excess mucus. Licorice root can be found at natural food stores. Chew on a bit of licorice root and allow the root to work its magic on the mucus. The flavor of licorice root is strong, so it's not recommended for those who don't like licorice.
    Increasing your intake of water will also help relieve excess mucus in the throat.

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