I am a refugee i cam in 2009 i wanna sponser my mom for visit in australia is it possibale? paz

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    Can my mom com for visit in australia i got perminent visa ?
    I would suggest you contact the department of immigration with regards to this. You say you have a permanent visa but there are different types of visa, some allow you to work others to study and some only to visit. as you have been here for 2 yrs you, in all probabilty, have a work visa so at a guess I would say you would be able to get your mother out as a visitor. Having said that, you have to be able to convince the Australian immigration people that you are prepared to, and are financialy able, to care for your mother as she will not be entitled to any Australian Government benefits. If your mother is of an advanced age, or in poor health that will work against your application. BUT for goodness sake DO NOT LIE on you application or you will be out on your ear via a detention centre.
    We have some members who are Aussies. Hopefully one of them can answer this for you.

    Hi Colleen how are you going? Not too many Easter Eggs I hope. My wife and I have her brother and his wife with us and it has been really lovely to catch up and just relax. Love to you sweetie, Oh and thanks for the capital 'A" in Aussies , s...s me when people are rude about this country I love so much.xx

    Hey PL, no, I was good and stayed away from Easter eggs, lol I did have a few chocolate chip cookies made with mini M&M's however. They were delicious! I have my brother here with me and I made us a lovely ham dinner with all the traditional fixings that we grew up with. I'm glad you're having a good visit. Family and fun times give lief all it's meaning. I love you Australians! You're all capitol A's to me! :D xx

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