want to do if you have 20 year old traffic tickets,that you didn't know about

    I got tickets from 20 years ago,that i forgot about & moved out of they are trying to get me to pay but i'm not sure if it is me or not.i don't remember if it was or not.they also tell me that the staute of limitation doesn't run out in the state of az.Can they suppend my current lic.from cal?

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    the computer NEVER forgets
    Got a ticket in 1981 for a serious driving charge. I planned long before my ticket to move 3,000 miles away and did not attend my court date. There is still an outstanding warrant. I have no reason to ever go there again, so I guess their beat.
    Me too, I have 11 parking tickets that i got in a 3 week period when I was traveling with a showband in the 80's. I never paid any of them because the person ticketing had a vendetta against me for some reason, each ticket was from her, she found something wrong with everyplace I parked. she knew where I was staying and she knew where i was working.

    I received several notices in the mail at my home address for about 2 years then they just gave up. The tickets was in a city (un-named) about 1200 miles from my home. I was told by a policeman friend of mine that they wouldn't come after me due to cost but I should never ever go back to that town because if i get stopped for even a minor traffic violation I'll be in jail for sure.. I have never went back, have no desire to either..
    I was told that a PETIT warrent qets quashed in 3 years after issue. Don't know for sure but I don't have any outstanding warrents.
    ed shank

    Murder, treason, and motor vehicle offenses have no time limitations. Your motor vehicle history stays with you for life. Trust me on this one.

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