how do i get over my fear of singing to many people and any singing tips ???

    well im going to be singing in the my sachool taltia show and im so shy but i love to sing and dance and well i need so help and singing tip too

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    isabella, stage fright is a good thing, all good performers have some stage fright, it means you are concerned enough to worry about it. Just close your eyes and sing your heart out like you are the only person in the room, I will guarantee you that after a few seconds into the song you will be adrift in the music itself and your ability to sing will overpower any butterflies you have in your tummy. You will feel the appreciation from the audience and that will make you perform even better.. we call it 'feeling your chops'...
    I was in band and later a rock n roll band, and at first I had terrible stage fright, but what happened is the more you do it the less it bothers you. Facing your fear will eliminate it for the most part.

    Find a place where you can go to cariyoky, it will help you get used to singing in front of crowds.

    Try singing and dancing in front of friends, family, as many as you kind get together...don't look directly into the audience before you sing..just start belting it out girl! You won't be the only one nervous so talk to all the other contestants beforehand and then you can calm each others' jittery nerves! You'll be just fine..don't fret beforehand..unwind and relax however you ususally do before the talent show. As far as singining tips...well...I can't sing worth a lick!! ...but I do remember being in a school play when I was about 14 or 15 and I was nervous as Hell but tried to block out the nervousness and just get through it and apparently it worked as I won the equivalent of a schoolkids "oscar" for best actress!...hey and if I could do that at that age when I too was terribly shy...then you can achieve anything you put your mind to...good luck dear (:

    thank you
    Sometimes I perform on stage and then I find someone in the audience with good energy and focus on this person as if it's the only one listening and I'm just singing to a friend.

    Then her husband steps up to the stage and give you a black eye.. LOL HA!!

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