Rock bands. Are you a fan of "Ten Years After"? I'm very surprised . If you like the best of R&R,mixed with blues, you are missing out,Yes, No?

    Who is a big fan of "Ten Years After"? The young kids have no idea what they are missing.

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    I agree that kids are missing stuff ... i love ten years after ... what's their really popular song?

    whatashame whatasham

    "I Would Love to Change the World" (but I wouldn't know what to do, so I leave it up to you.) "Going Home"," One of These Days", (Boy!)

    Oh aye I agree Ten Years After were amazing n Alvin Lee was a real rock n roll guitarist.I just answered your top 5 bands where i said i hate it cos there always a band i love n truly rate but for some mad reason slip my mind.Lo n behold with a minute Ten Years After are mentioned.I remember seeing Goin Home from Woodstock when i was 15 n just picked up the guitar,thats 23 year ago yet i can picture it n hear it even now.That video n later Woodstock Diarys had some amazing performances,The Who,Jimi,Janis,Santana,Canned Heat,Mountain yet it's Goin Home i remember most,pure rock n roll gold in that Chuck Berry,Angus Young vein.I picked up an Lp of theirs in a 2nd hand shop a few years ago,fantastic.The young uns aint got a clue,,i'd add Rory Gallagher as another true great rarely recognised these days

    whatashame whatasham

    fastbob72, your the man. Lee has a CD out recorded with the org. artist who recorded with Elvis. Look it up. I just bought the "Shssh" CD for less than $6.00 delivered to my house. I can't believe I found this CD, it's so get, I just can't stop playing it. The young ones also think they are the first to come up with resque music. "Good Morning Little School Girl" is on this CD. You talk about fast guitar, Wow!

    Alvin Lee, I think has several hundred songs he wrote or helped write. Really good ones too.

    No one understands rock and roll like Alvin Lee, simply the best. The whole band, best at Woodstock.

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