i have had bright red eyes at both sides and now i also have a rash on my face which is slowly getting worse does anyone have an idea what could be causeing it the eys have been res for three onthsgetting wo

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    Sounds like an allergy.
    Alot of people may not like hearing this, but it may be attributed to blepharitis. it is a semi-microscopic form of lice that crawl across your eyelids, can cause "bumps" to appear on the ends of your eyelids, and are also known as eyelash mites.

    I cannot say that is what it is. But, if it is, washing the affected areas with mild soap and water for about a month should rid you of them. If they persist, you will want to see a doctor who can prescribe something mild to rid you of them completely.

    As a side note: Blepharitis cause the eyes to give off crust in the morning, can cause the eyes to itch, redness, puffiness, sore, and watery/teary. If you feel a mild tickling across the eyelashes, then this is your culprit.

    Your sister,


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