where in this country is the best National Park to visit a must see

    What park is people friendly accessible and easy to get around in for photography and scenery a place you would carry in your memories a life time, a vacationers dream trip.

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    yosemite ... just a stones throw from me. (oprah & gail camped there. it's expensive if you stay at an inn)

    and then ... hmmmm? montano de oro (just a personal favorite - not really really showy) lots of picturesque beach towns around that area.

    I personally believe that your question can be answered with a one compound word answer,"Yellowstone." You can get on the web to check out some beautiful photos to make your own decision though.

    What country are you asking about? this is not a religious forum let`s not make it national one either.

    iwould like to see the grand canyon

    Go to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Its the most amazing place you'll ever see!

    The only park that matters is the Grand Canyon ????

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