in the bible does it tell why males are pritter than female but in humann

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    Is what you're trying to say "In the Bible does it tell you why the male sex is usually prettier than the female, except in humans?"? If so, I don't know. In scientific terms the male is prettier to attract females.

    Wow, I'm impressed you figured that out. I'm giving you two thumbs up. I'll find a second post of yours I can give a TU to ; )
    Ms Sinclair

    I'm still not absolutely sure that this is what this person is trying to ask but thanks for the thumbs up.
    No, I think if I understand you. Check spelling.

    Exactly what part did you understand? LOL
    Wouldn't it be cool if there was a spell check embedded in the forum software, like some email programs.. It really scares me what they are passing through the education system today.
    Ms Sinclair

    You and me both.

    Correct Vinny and Ms Sinclair, we are allowing a generation of lazy, inept, rude people to populate the world. It grates me the way the English language is being bastardised by the short cut texting of today in addition to other words spelt incorrectly. I left school in 1946 aged 14 years so I did have a long formal education( I did not start school until I was 6 years old. I shudder to think what lies ahead for our so called educated people.One of my daughters aged in her 50s sent me a text message with "jargon" and I suggested if she had no respect for herself, indicated by the jargon to please have some for me.

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