My bf always says he loves me but i think its a lie do you think it is to ??

    my bf says he loves me . he always hangs out with the guys . never me and he hugs my big sis and trys to kiss other girls he flirts with all the girls in school even my best friend . im starting to think it is a lie he does not love me do you think he does

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    No. Find a boy more mature - in behavour not age - who deserves you.
    Absolutely not! X
    it is a lie if he really loves he would spend time with u and not flirt with other girls dump and find someone who will love u
    sounds like he wants to keep you on side in case his flirting doesnt come off with the others,move on and dont be taken as a fool.
    Forget your boy friend and study your spelling and grammar.
    Yes he is just telling U that because he wants sex!
    your probly right
    i am going to dump him now you guys helpped me know he does not care he loves them not me
    ya he dont love me at all now he is trying to act like nothing happend

    Dump him hun! X

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