by the week!

    Do you already have a "question of the week" thing or something?

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    No question of the week. We are a Q&A site first and a discussion forum second. As fast as questions move along here, it would be tough to keep a question of the week where all could see it and participate in it. ;)
    Not that I am aware of??????
    no it's by the minute although i do like your idea!

    It could only work if the question could be pinned to the first page so all the different time zones could participate in it. You know how fast a question can get buried here. I do not think this app allows for keeping questions locked to one page.
    After 3 months finally you do answer me...
    what does a man have to do to get a few minutes of attention from some beautiful women!??!?! (this should be my next question!)

    Let me make a suggestion to you Roddy. If you express a whole thought in the question such as "Do you have a question of the week?" Not just "by the week" which looks like a young person entered a question on the fly and didn't really expect an answer, it would help. Most of us skip over the ones (like yours) that didn't appear to be serious. Also, most of us are here part time, this is not a full time profession for us, we have lives away from the computer (perhaps not as much fun but necessary just the same). Please realize that you are dealing with volunteers here and please make our answering lives easier by being as specific as possible with your questions. In any case, thank you for participating on our forum.

    Okay, okay, i'm sorry!

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