Ellen G White what did she say or do that made her a prophet in the Seventh-Day-Adventist Church

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    Quite a few questions. Who is EGW? That's easy to look up on the SDA website. Who are the SDA's? Again, they have an official website. What are those "erronious interpretations"? There are many if you do some research and compare the scriptures with the SDA's doctrine you will see the problems. One would be adding works of the law as a requirement for salvation. Like Sabbath keeping and obstaining from certain foods. NOw they will argue that these things will not keep a person out of heaven UNLESS they are convicted in their hearts and refuse to follow the doctrine. They have created loop holes hoping to be accepted by the mainsteam Christian denominations. What makes a prophet? Here again they kinda blurr this with different scriptures. There are prophets mentioned in the bible that never wrote any scripture. They had minor roles in leading the people for a certain event at a certain time. THen there are Prophets who were instructed to write the words of God for God via the Holy Spirit. Then there are Apostles who you could say are also prophets since they were instructed to write scripture but there qualifications came through miracles and powers. Ehp 2:8-9 sum up salvation..."Not of yourselves"...add anything to grace and you create a "of yourself". Thus, EGW and her add ons to grace make her a flase prophet.

    Ellen said many things. Much of it simply preaching and repeating things written in the bible. Where she went astray is with her erronious interpretations of it. She actually said nothing that would prove her to be a "prophet". The SDA would say that because she preached the bible "correctly" (according to their itching ears) she is then a "prophet" but not a "scripture writing prophet". Just a perfect preacher you might say.

    Friend of God, Who is EGW? Who are the SDA's? What are those "erronious interpretations"? What makes a prophet? or qualifications to be? what's the difference between a regular prophet and scripture writing prophet? Who wrote the bible? or the bible as we know it? Thanks for your response.

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