are ghosts real?

    have you ever seen a ghost or something you couldn't explain?

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    Have you seen this thread that's going here already? There's been a lot of discussion about spirits/ghosts there. Check out what the members here have said : ) See the pictures that I believe are the soul of my father come to visit his horse. There's 3 in total but the 3rd one is on page 5 or 6 and not on page 1 like the other two.


    Thanks for the info. Colleen.

    God, the holy angels and unholy angels. The devil masquerades as a deceased loved one, with the intent of deception. Many people have and will receive communication with the Devil, thinking it is a loved one who has passed on to heavenly bliss. He, the Devil, starts new beliefs, new religions, anger, division and strife. The Bible says that he, the Devil, knowing his time is short (near the end of time, right now) will seek whom he may devour, like a roaring lion. What better way to deceive then to gain trust, through the spirit (counterfeit) of loved one?


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