why do 50% of Americans not believe in Darwin's theory of evolution?

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    I have a better theory of evolution, God created us and we evolved some. Love, Randy

    Any fule kno that the world was created in one day by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Those of us who believe in Him are Pastafarians, those who do not are spagnostics.


    I put this to the Jehovah's witnesses once - asked them how did God create the earth in six days - their answer was it was not consecutive days. If you mean Agnostics - they do believe but have not yet subscribed to any particular religion.Far more than 50% of the U.S.A. are religious not sure how many believe in Darwin's theory. This debate between Religion and Evolution will go on and on.I told this 35yrs old REV christian upstairs that the Jehovah's witness people came to see me in fact several times - he said "Oh don't speak to them" Me asked "why" He says "because they will try to convert you". His wife is a Scientist but a Christ and is doing research in Cambridge about the dicotomy between Muslims and Christians as the Muslims used to be more Christian before? I have/had many frieds who are Christians and are/were good people - I do recognise this. All I can say he is not a good example of a Christian to me for many reasons.

    Dopey, Spagnostics are those poor people who have not been touched by the noodly appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. To learn more of this wonderful new religion visit

    alt text

    I believe we ALL evolved form apes. Some sooner than others. :)

    Headless Man

    No, not even Obama


    You KNOW I was going to give you a TU on that didn't you Randy?

    because Darwin didn't even believe it.


    Have you read "The Origin of the Species"?

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