Hey? Where's knobbbhead?

    Hmm I see you silenced knobbhead again...pity you can't handle someone genuinely funny...still one for the censors

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    point not missed refer your own sentences (GAG) CENSORSHIP( ho hum) self explanatory not rocket science spitting the dummy slang for giving up( Aussie humor) don't try to walk both sides of a barbed wire fence

    you should form the knobbhead fan club David and make yourself president however I agree with your comment about fun and censorship sadly some peoples interpretations are of a narrow field never mind that wont matter now you are spitting the dummy

    Someone once said that whilst they disliked someones views they would fight to the death to allow their rights to have and express them. As a very senior manager I am always handling personality differences.The way forward is never to gag anyone because unconciously or conciously the rest of the commune dont like the act of gagging even if they don't like the person.It is arbitary and a misuse of power and against his democratic right to air his views no matter how stupid.. Did you warn knobbbhead? Give him a idea of how many people he upset. I suspect not.
    Interesting to find the numbers of people who complained.. Last time you said a 'mass' complained which you could not or would not justify.
    Bloody hell with all the wars and strife and world crises going on someone in a miniscule position of no importance in cyberspace decided it is righteous to gag someome telling jokes for God's sake!. Jeeese! In today's world what we need desperately is some FUN!

    Knobbhead was edgy but very funny and doing no one any harm. I give up...I am giving this thread up..

    Yeh where is ol nobby? sorry David he commented on the whippet before he was silenced the first time so that means he is still AWOL. Maybe he's at work or has a problem with his pc. Yes Nobby can be a Knob sometimes but why is everyone else on here so serious and dull. At least he was just being a Knob and not like some people commenting on things they know nothing about.

    I think he changed his name and has another account... I am still seeing knobbbhead'ique' remarks.

    NoI mean if he can just change his name and have another account what is the point of a ban. Hecould talk anyway

    WellJenn if he has done that what is the point of him still being banned?


    ummm.... there would not be one, unless he was trying to be sneaky.

    Actually whilst on the subject why hasn't knobby been reinstated. I've seen far worse comments, insults and controvercey in other poststhan knobby ever created

    Are you referring to me lisa owen??? In case you have not the brains to see the name is the nickname of knobbbhead and thats how HE spells it , probably because every other spelling has already been taken for a nik.
    Now i suggest you think clearly who is the prat

    EXACTLY my point! By banning him it makes the person or persons who decided in their superior judgement look like the knobs. And when asked how to justify it said a 'Mass' of people objected which was simply not true.
    Knobby can't reply for himself which is why I wrote in the first place. I mean bloody hell ! Was he saying he supported paedophilia or advocating we gang up and kill the queen?? No he was having a toungue in cheek go at some daft questions. I mean someone asked 'how could they help Whales!' and he replied by advising them to try and reopen the pits cos the miners had had a tough time...soo funny
    I mean come on...

    That reply made absolutely no sense.Although dummy does seem appropriate. What does the referral to barbed wire fences have to do with anything? My position has never been ambivalent. It is quite clear. I don't like seeing anyone gagged or censorship. Perhaps you are not old enough to have read about the war and how Hitler started off by burning books , the authors of which HE decided were not to be read by the masses.
    I dislike any forum where potentially a spotty faced junior ASBO recipient can dictate what should be read by people who presumably are so stupid they cannot decide between good and bad taste or form any kind of reasoned judgement.


    I might suggest you read some of your own rambling initial statements before contradicting them when you find it convenient, clearly a case of explosive verbal diarrhea or perhaps you may have too many hitler war books lying around the house

    You are missing the point again cucumber (sigh) I am against censorship not for knobbbhead (although he is harmless and funny)
    PS whatever does 'spitting tthe dummy' mean in English?

    Finally Knobbbhead wrote in answer to the question ' what is a whippet?' wrote a whippet is the first born of a whip. Or possibly an animal owned by a whip
    Now WHY was the need to suppress that??????????????

    I totally agree with David on this one. Well spoken my man

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