who draws the line?

    I have been following some of the questions. I laughed my head off at some of knobbbheads answers which were genuinely funny and nothing you would not see on TV Now I see he has been suspended. Some self appointed guardian of good taste said he 'crossed the line..Now who decides when the imaginary line has been crossed and decides that perfectly innocuous answers are supressed?
    Sorry but we do have supposed free spech and it is not Nazi Germany GROW UP wheever bannned this or any genuinely funy comments Most of the questions like 'I am humping pillows' beg for 'silly answers to silly questions'
    I suppose I have crossed the line but I HATE censorship

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    Well maybe he should tone down his comments. The point is no one has asked him to. Just a ban. Bit of cracking a nut with a sledge hammer?

    Yes it's funny isn't it.. that a question is asked, and our
    answers are limited to.. thumbs up. Hahaha sorry but this is a farce. What a
    messed up way to attempt to try and control what people think.. popular vote
    must be true.. lmao.

    I can't see what constitutes a mass in the FAQs Just answer the question hmm?



    I didn't complain about Knobbhead but neither do I find his comments useful or informative. He may be hilarious in a bar full of like minded individuals but he should at least have a bit of common sense and know when it's okay to put in a quip and when someone is actually looking for a sensible answer...

    We've all heard this kind of humour, it's nothing new but some people may be offended by it. Especially the person asking about weight. Just imagine how they must be feeling now if they have heard crass comments all their lives...

    He could tone down his responses.

    So be honest How many actally did complain???
    You can't justify words like 'mass' Unless you are absolutely sure ...Just reinstate the man whover he is as he is probably so amazed by the reaction from the 'mass' of the community (probably betty boop and the woman humping pillows)that he will walk awwy

    Well as far as I can see there have not been a great many questions asked or answered since knobbbhead only posted I can hardly see how a 'mass' of people complained I see sammy actually said he was very funny and someone who said 'he stepped over the line' agreed
    No it is obvious to me one or two peopke who did not like his sense of humour decided to be judge and jury. As a matter of interest will you say how many people DID object to justify a MASS?? If yoyu can't justify a MASS you are out of order and should reinstate a perfectly funny and individual because of a few bigoted people.
    So WHAT IS A MASS???

    well that shows betty boops intelligence Will she be suspended for witty remarks I wonder?

    the person who plays hopscothc!

    good question

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