If I were to travel to your area, what would you say was the most awesome place to see?

    I have never had the chance yet to travel out of British Columbia Canada. We are all proud of were we come from, where would you think the most awesome place to see is in your area?

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    Sears Tower is pretty cool as is most all of downtown Chicago. Skyline can take your breath away at times especially around the fourth of July, AWESOME!!


    that sounds amazing. I have never really been in a city like that...busy working and raising my boys...thanks for sharing

    ole hipster

    My comment long overdue Mom. Yes Chicago is cool just so long as you don;t have to live here without benefit of a lot of money!


    Been there with my son. It's a breathtaking view for sure.

    Some times on the southern tip of Lake Michigan on a clear day we can see the Chicago landmarks. Thats at least 60 miles away!
    if you want to travel come to australia the experience will not let you down our sydney harbour is a main attraction and we are a friendly bunch.

    I always wanted to see Australia... maybe next year...ya never know

    I hope to be there celebrating 2012!

    My brother and his family have been there and they absolutely love your country.


    As of November 2011 toured  (4 times)



    That sounds neat...years ago I had the opportunity to go on a tour of a battle ship in Victoria B.C. It was amazing to see how the crew could live in such tight quarters.It would be amazing to see...thanks for sharing


    I've toured the USS NC twice since I relocated here in Wilmington. Its a REAL COOL experience to be next to those 16" guns and walk through the ships innards.
    Nothing like the Destroyer I was on 35 years later.

    What a picture! Thanks. Beautiful.

    Well, in Memphis, most people go to Graceland. But the Mississippi river is an awesome site. The National Civil Rights Museum, where Dr. Martin Luthur King, Jr was shot is amazing. The Peabody Hotel is beautiful. Beale Street is a must, such rich musical heritage. The Memphis Zoo has been voted the #1 zoo in the country by several pubications. That is just a few things but there is so much more that is great about Memphis!


    It sounds like you love your home like I do mine...Maybe one day I might have the pleasure of seeing parts of it...thanks


    Tennessee is dynamite!
    Your Nation's Capital. Parliament,naturally. A boat cruise along the Rideau Canal, which is conveniently located next to Parliament Hill. Tons of museums such as the National Arts Museuem, Museum of Civilization located just across the river in Hull (now called Gatineau,Quebec). Science and Tech museum and many more. A walk in the Byward market and Sparks street which is a pedestrian-only street is worth seeing.

    I can go on ad-nauseum so I'll stop here.

    Go Canucks Go !

    Lol...Canucks fan too.It sounds like you really like where you are.

    Digger, the Rideau Canal is also beautiful in the winter! I loved walking along and eating a very high calorie "Beaver Tail"!! Yum!!!

    Yeah, but they're soooo gooood. The frozen Rideau Canal which , by the way, happens to be the longest skating surface in the world measuring 5 miles, is where you burn off those Beaver Tails calories.

    North Northumberland has more castles, battlements stately homes than anywhere else in Europe.
    The fortified border town of Berwick on Tweed still has battlements intact and changed hand officially 13 times although local historians claim many more. Battle sites galore. Lindisfarne Island with castle and priory. Battle of Branxton Moor 14,000 death in one day. Northumberland national park. Kielder forest and reservoir. Rob Roy Mc Gregor and Robert the Bruce country and the union of the Crowns. James vi of Scotland becomes James I of England. Peace comes to Britain until his Son Charles comes to power.
    If you like horrible histories or are a culture vulture this is the place.


    WOW...that sounds absolutely amazing and all the history behind it makes it even more so. I can feel the pride you have of where you are from...I REALLY want to see that...thank you for sharing that with me


    Mom,it is AMAZING!!!We had family up there,a beautiful part of England,wonder whereabouts Bestway hails from?

    I know this was not my question but I have always wanted to see a real castle.

    The calm and quite of a small Ohio town where rolling hills and colored fall leaves paint the country side. Where people will say hi and open the door for you when you go in a store or restaurant.

    Where the Nativity Sean is still on the court house square at Christmas time and The Cross and Flags are in most everyones homes.


    I like that:)
    I am located in Silicon valley, there are many POI in this area to visit, if you are into hi-tech, computers and such, there are many museums that you will find interesting. Other than that, a short trip to the mountains to go skiing - a 40 minute ride and you are on the pacific beaches, San Francisco is 30 minutes away, and the weather will rarely be an issue during your visit.

    I am almost dying from lack of sun and sounds's cold and grey here on the B.C. coast as it has been for months. I could use the vitamin d and vacation

    I live in San Diego, CA. We get a lot of visitors from all over the world here. There is many, many things to do. The place I recommend the most is the Coranado Hotel, it is over 100 years old and all the presidents have stayed there, it is awesome!


    I love love love old buildings. It's almost as if you can feel the history coming alive...that sounds amazing to me...thanks


    I was born in San Diego and I get over there at least once a year. I love it there.
    One of the sites down here in Sydney is the Opera House and the other would be a dinner and trip in the Red Centre of Australia.

    The Red Centre...sounds interesting.

    Northern California. Mt Shasta is amazing but my favorite place to visit is the Redwood National Forrest….6000 acres of the biggest trees on the planet. Travel by foot, bike, horse back or boat through this forrest and “Magestic” is the word that is most commonly heard to describe it. Trees over 300 feet tall, 18 feet through the base and more. Bring a camera, hear, smell and feel wonderful. Fill yourself with those memories that you will visit so often.  


    I have dreamed of seeing the Redwood National Forrest!!

    I envy you for being near the giant reds. The first time I saw them, I actually cried, they are so beautiful.

    The country side. We took a trip and went through 11 states in 11 days and none looked nicer than SE Ohio.
    Headless Man

    Nothing real great here just the peacefulness of the quite sounds of nature.

    Peacefulness is something I could use along with the gentle sounds of nature. I am really busy in my work so quiet time doesn't seem to come often enough.Most times it's the simple things that take my breath away.

    You'd want to tour the wine country that surrounds our fabulous Finger Lakes. Then you could spend a couple days at Niagara Falls. A trip through the adirondack mountains would be nice if you like nature.

    my house.

    lol...thanks for the chuckle

    " (The Grand Canyon);" "(Chase Field);" it has its own swimming pool on the field & you can watch a game and relax in the pool."


    That sounds like a cool idea, I've always wanted to see the grand canyon as well...part of my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.



    New York City. About two hours from the sticks where I live. Nice place to visit but glad I don't live their anymore.

    Do you mena two hours outside the city?

    Im in northern England,weve got some beautiful places in the Peak District,Stately homes,countryside,villiages etc

    I live in Southern California,I would definitely have to say Laguna Beach (Orange County).And of course Disneyland(Anehiem).I would love to travel to your neck of the woods also,I've always wanted to visit Canada.:)

    My kids want to go to California one day. I think it's more to check out the It is absolutely beautiful here too but the weather has been awful here...worst I've ever seen as far as still feeling very cold ad wet.

    My daughter has to be the most frequent customer at the Starbucks at Laguna Beach. She takes her purchase across the street and enjoys it on the beach.

    Oh memories. My teen-age playground. Wow!!!~
    The Atlantic Ocean, what could be better

    I live on the Pacific but always wanted to see the Atlantic...looks so wild and beautiful
    In Taos,NM -Rio Grande Gorge Bridge,Taos Ski Valley, Taos Pueblo,Taos Plaza,and dozens of Art Galleries, not to mention great food and beautiful skies. and me. Welcome to the Land of Enchantment.

    lol...I like that you are one of the all sounds wonderful

    I adore New Mexico. We lived there a year. You enjoy the bluest skies in all the world!
    Well, I'm in Saskatchewan and haven't seen all the beautiful sights yet myself! But I know that most thing it is boring...FAR from it!! We have beautiful sand dunes that feel like baby powder between your toes...beautiful fields...rugged forests...gorgeous, breath taking lakes...rolling hills...a lovely river through my favorite city...hometown Saskatoon...etc...!!! Every season has it's own beauty and we have all four of them!! Enjoying the lovely fresh greens of Spring right now! When are you coming?! lol

    ...and I thought Saskatchewan was nothing but potash ;-)

    Well, I never imagined it was quite like that. Being in Canada, it is likely that I just might ride through one summer.Thanks monkey11;)

    Digger... You will just have to come and see! Mom... You'll be welcome anytime!! And, if someone is rude tell them they will have to answer to me!

    the alamo the towers of america


    Always wanted to see the alamo...which towers are you talking about?


    I will look that up online...sounds interesting...thankyou


    It is called the Tower of Americas because the 1968 Worlds Fair was there in San Antonio.

    I live in Reno Texas (population: not very many)  which is adjacent to Paris, Texas and they have a Miniature Eiffel Tower with a Big Red Cowboy Hat on Top!  We have many visitors from France because of the tower.


    That sounds interesting. I like small places, unpopulated and quiet. I bet it's beautiful there.

    If you come to South Carolina you will have to go to Myrtle Beach., it is world famous many movies have been made there and the people are friendly and they have Canadian week in September!!Oh and we can"t forget Charleston it is so lovely,imagine yourself relaxing under a huge oak tree with spanish moss hanging all over it while sipping on a glass of sweet iced tea, or maybe you would prefer a mint julep. South Carolina the home of smiling faces and beautiful places. Hope to see you soon.


    My dearest friend lives near Myrtle Beach. So beautiful there.

    Would love to be there soon, you never know.

    Being from the united states there are so many wonderful places.  but i would tell anyone that likes beautiful hotels to visit las vegas.  it is one of my favorite places.  if i was rich enough i would move into one of the hotels, the bellagio or maybe paris hotel.  the best food is all over the place. casinos, beautiful people having fun.  hotels with themes from places around the world.  i wish i was there right now.  the only bad thing is that prostitution is legal in nevada & people are passing out flyers for the girls all up and down the street.  i don't care for that, but i am not knocking legalized p. that's yo business.  Donald Trump called Las Vegas the 9th wonder of the world.

    The Lake District or Peak



    Well! Currently we are in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. So of course it would be the lake itself AND the London Bridge - that is the reconstruction of the 1831 London Bridge that spanned the River Thames in London, England until it was dismantled in 1967. The Arizona bridge is a reinforced concrete structure clad in the original masonry of the 1830s bridge, that was bought by Robert P. McCulloch from the City of London. McCulloch had exterior granite blocks from the original bridge numbered and transported to America, to construct the present bridge in Lake Havasu City, a planned community he established in 1964 on the shore of Lake Havasu. The bridge was completed in 1971 (along with a canal), and links an island in the lake with the main part of Lake Havasu City.


    It looks beautiful, I really appreciate old structures like that.

    I cross over that bridge at least 3 times a week to take my dog to the doggie park or to walk along the channel and the lake. It is really a beautiful lake. And our weather right now is fabulous. I think iwas 78 today!

    South Dakota has Mt. Rushmore, Miles of native Grasses, The Badlands ( that look like you are on the moon), The Black Hills, Forrests,  Rivers, there are 5 earthen dams on the Missouri River, The Corn Palace, ( exactly what it sounds like) Casinos. Every thing you would want except a seashore.


    Now that sounds like a really interesting place to see.Thanks for sharing.

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