what can a woman of 28 years of age do to get adopted into a family being hers is dead an doesnt have many friends eithier?

    My mother an father are deceased and i never had an uncle grampa or any male family in my life an my mom died unexspectedly at age 50 an i have a 10 year old daughter that i dont want growing up as lonely as i am . i wish there were a family that would adopt us in rather it be a lonely elderly or a big family because i feel i wont ever have the emty void or warth others do in life. A family would be so wonderful for us both

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    Beware of religous groups, incase you get drawm into a Cult.
    I am truly sorry for I am where you are and I know how you feel. I wish I had a good answer for you I truly do.
    ohhhh 28 is a bit late for adoption lol but i understand ur point i to lost my mum and dad early in life dad died when i was 3 years old and mum died when i was 7 years old , so im very indepentant and hold a strong value to enjoying life every day . i feel what u need to do is create ur own family u have a daughter so that is as family as it gets if u want to extend ur family then a partner male or female would bring there side of the family to embrace ur family. u say u dont have many friends ? well thats one thing u a can change buy going or joining people with similar intrests to ur self friendships will develope ( what about ur daugters school ? im sure theres plenty of activitys that invole parents)and meeting some of ur daughters friends parents could also give a good opportinity to start up freindships , who knows there could be a partner in the same boat just waiting to meet someone just like u .

    Sweet answer Ninja :)
    we have a great family here , for online support
    Often times a caring church will have a family that will "adopt" them. Avoid any church that requires you to join as a member before they will help you.
    i think the church idea is good as i have found belonging to a church makes me feel part of Gods family.I needed this as I have no children but have a husband.We are in our 50 s so we could adopt you we live in England.
    There are thousands of communes in the world, 265 in California and a few are hippie communes. It looks interesting to me because there is a lot of room for variables….types, group basics, rules and sociological studies. I feel like I have a bug under a microscope. ... Take a deep breath and consider the possibilities. Or you could get real specific about what you are really looking for and post on a BBS or Blog that gives you a private conference room on the side somewhere like Akaqa but for the fact that we don’t have that yet. Being able to pass mail anonymously and privately maybe.

    think youd be hard pressed to get adopted but i wish you love and happiness x

    You know, the guy that married Elizabeth Taylor, a prince of some kind, was adopted as an adult, I think in his late 30s. Yeah, imagine that! It was how he ended up with the title.

    Your sister,

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