lambs blood of a petry dish used to culture vacines -is a fever blister of an infection used to find a cure?

    i had an accident and damaged perhaps fat under my abdomen and that became a massive infection. tonight possibly a fever blister exhists on my left shin- the only blister on my body. white center and self contained for now, pluss redness. no warmth, itchiness or pain. a and d ointment, 80 mg floramidi. my size-- 20 lbs per six days--2xlt to increase @6xlt 1.25 year after accident. feet football size. penis inside testicle size of cantaloupe. abdomen red with ripples of elevated skin.

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    Dude, go to an emergency room. This is not a hospital.

    stick to the question. hw ds cures made

    We are neither doctors not scientists nor pharmacist. This is not the site for your question. See a specialist.
    Yes, you have an infection and unless you get treatment you will die. Hurry up and go..

    God made doctors available to everyone, it's not always His way to perform miracles to heal our every need. That's why he invented doctors, so He would have more time for the other stuff.

    Dude if you don't go to the hospital, you are going to be responsible for your own death, that in my book is suicide, and I don't know if you will be allowed to enter heaven.

    If you don't want to risk it, go to the doctor. God heals, but for His glory and if it serves His purposes and is in His will. What if His will is for you to go to the hospital.

    i found kurt lady, we know jesus- we talk to god we'll be fine. now stick to the question. 4 i've had all known cures i have to make the right one - again how 86>...
    is real planed- god is perfectp therefore inner earth the blister is a gift. subject is 46 years and a self healer-perhaps the open door a stem cell would say based on the interactions of the fello ear th has gifted u s with his cure along with an std cure he was holding dormant.--to be processed by the spirit , soul , and ,flesh with the assistant catalyst salt( due to the infection) and water (the same)

    I'm laughing my azz off here. Comedy central tonight! LOL

    did you mean israel planet?

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