Whats you favorite alcoholic beverage, or drink? Which one caused you the worst HANGOVER?

    I had a three day hangover when I was 23, at least it took that long to feel better.
    What's your favorite beer or mixed drink? Once you experienced a terrible hangover did you ever drink that same type of alcohol ever again?

    My worst one was from Tequila.

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    Was just about to answer that leeroy. Some of my worst hangovers came from overindulgence of TEQUILLA.

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    i drank a fifth on the "fourth" and woke up on the sixth

    I had a car once that had 4 on the floor and a 5th under the seat..

    I haven't drank since i got married, I was so drunk I didn't even get to go on my own honeymoon.. My wife and her 2 girlfriends went without me.. I stayed home for 3 days with a hangover. NEVER AGAIN! I will never get married again!! Ever!! The last time it almost killed me..


    Ha-ha-ha this is good
    Don't drink, never did, had a few good comas in my life that's
    I was in my early twenties, I went to CA to help my girlfriends mom relocate and to visit one of my best friends that was going to San Diego State, and we went out looking for MD 20/20. We must have gone to every store that carried liquor and beer and couldn't find it.

    Being on a limited budget, we decided to get a large bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold. Well we didn't have enough money to buy any kind of mixer and had little drinking experience. So we drank most of the big bottle on ice and way to fast.

    We were in our friends jeep parked between two frat parties puking our guts out, dry heaves, we were taking turns puking ever few minutes. Occasionally a few cute girls would come by and try to talk to us, but as soon as we got sick they would just go back into the parties. We really missed out that night.

    That was the worst hangover I ever had I was standing up in the back seat of the jeep singing songs holding onto the roll bar, that's about all I can remember, besides the three day hangover. It was one of the worst experiences in my life, I didn't touch tequila for years, and when I finally did, it was difficult to swallow. I rarely drink now, just socially.

    That's funny. Lol! I just got a visual.


    Yeah, believe it or not It's a painful memory, but also I'm kind of fond of it as well? Maybe just nostalgic?
    I don't drink alcohol at all. But I don't care if you do. It's true what they say: drinks in, wits out. I like to be in control of my actions at all times.
    I don't drink beer, but when I do,"I drink Dos Equis." I thought that's where eggplant was going with the last answer...
    If I am out I order a madress(spelled wrong I know)... At home for company I make margaritas.... Worste puking drunk experience was at a bar the bar tender offered me a frozen strawberry so I eat 3.. I had already had a couple of drink and did not realize it was loaded... I was so stumbling drink.. I walk in the housse said" hey guys Dolan (my husbnd) can I see you for a minute" he found me laying across he bed say "I gunna die, no I'm gunna hurl... kill me now, please just kill me now". When I drink tequila I alway end up naked in an emtpy bath tub... ??? ... I dont drink anymore.

    There are a lot of people with tequila story's here. Maybe that's why that country song,"Tequila makes her clothes fall off," was so popular.

    Well now I know where to plan my next date, were going for Mexican at happy hour!!! Funny story Jenn, thumbs up.

    Aww Leeroy dont go making me jealous!!!!

    Oh Jenn love Margaritas since leaving the States never had one too match it they simple dont know how to make it in the UK

    My worst hang over was caused by drinking half warm beer from the bottles whilst on exercises in the army. This hang over was further aggrevated by the fact that the troops, 40, of, had to throw 2 hand grenades each the following day and I was demolition officer. For some reason we had several "no fires" which meant dummy (me) had to go out, find the unexploded grenade, set a half stick of jelly (gelignite) light the fuse and walk back to the safety of the throwing bays. Before you ask you DO NOT run after setting a charge I don`t give a bugger what John Wayne did. If you run and trip arse (ass) over head KABOOM!!! GOOD NIGHT NURSE.

    My favorite drink is a pina colada,I really like frozen drinks.The worst hangover was when I picked out a a nice little bottle naively thinking ''will this looks like a good little drink",I took it home drank it and when I woke up I was on the bathroom floor,my husband laughed when I told him what I drank, it was mad dog 20/20,this was about 8 months ago,that stuff made me so sick,I don't drink at all anymore.LOL

    That's a good story, sorry you had to discover mad dog that way. We used to drink it in high school, we mixed it with cool aid though. Yes, that stuff is bionic.
    Got obliterated on Gin. Woke up a day and a half later, to find out that I spent a day in jail. I had no recollection of anything that happened after half the bottle was gone. I didn't drink anything for over a year. I think that's why I only have six brain cells left.
    I'm not sure if everyone saw this question it's an older one, so just wanted to bring it back up, no pun intended.
    i,ve had so many h/o's i literaly got sick and tired of them, so one day i decided, instead of giving up drinking, i gave up getting hangovers. It was simple, all i had to do was to not mix alcohol with anything with sugar in it,pop, juice, wine, and only drank liqour that is clear as water. The stuff thats brown like whiskey,gold tequila, rum,etc.,is only brown because they add carmel coloring, which is loaded with sugars. The sweeteners mixed with alcohol causes the sugars to crystalize in the blood stream and eventualy makes its way to the brain causing the nasty head throbing that accompanies the h/o,so, in short, stay away from that sugary stuff and stick to the clear (silver) tequila, or just beer, if you are of leagal drinking age and want to tie one on, just no mixing with sugary stuff, give up hangovers if you're gonna drink!

    Interesting comment, I still have had a few bad Vodka hangovers though, mostly mixed it with cranberry juice, thus the sugar effect. Good stuff, thumbs up.
    Worst hangover cheap beer and bourbon AKA boilermaker eeeuuuuu!!
    A glass of semi sweet wine
    Tequila! On-do-lay, On-do-lay!!...phonetic spelling only LOL (:

    Yeah, there are a lot of us tequila hangover people here, wow, that's powerful stuff, chronic.
    crown and 7up scotch ate my lunch one time

    Thought you were gonna say loose your lunch, lol

    i lost it too
    LOL...I get that, bad hangover, once or twice a year. In fact, I just had it two weeks ago. I went to a friend's party and came home completely wasted. I was dead next day.
    As far as my favorite drinks go, I like bourbon, scotch, wine and dark German beer. I usually drink scotch on the rocks, Chivas, Dr. Jack, Ballantine's 17 yrs, Oban etc. I don't like mixed drinks, but I like the Manhattan though.
    Yes, I go back to drink the same liquor again after a terrible hangover. ;-)

    My favourite alcoholic beverage is red wine, preferrably from Chile.

    My worst hangover was the result of the following recipe: 1 bottle of wine + 2 margaritas + 1 pi?a colada.

    I love Jager and dirty martinis.


    Oh yeah, haven't had the cough syrup in years, when it first came out I thought it had codeine or something in it?

    After drinking a fifth of Jack straight I was h/o for a week

    My favorite drink used to be OJ and Vodka. I went to party next door. On my way home I passed out in the middle of a wooded area, 50 feet from home.I woke up covered with mosquitos. It felt like Poison Ivy all over my face, arm and legs.Needless to say I gave up drinking alltogether, except for a cold beer in the summer when its really hot.

    Wow, holly cow, sounds terrible!!! Yeah I quit drinking after my three day hangover as well.

    My favorite mixed drink is " Between The Sheets", it's really good. I never had a hangover, know how to prevent it. I'm a bartender part time.

    Rum: My drink of choice.

    Worse drink I ever had was dry gin. Worst hacking hangover I had I my life! I stick to what I know, I'm trying to survive this thing! I aint trying to kill myself. Lol

    Your sister,

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