REBELLION,,,, Will you join us? We need your help...Instead of complaining, lets hit the Big Oil and Business companies where it hurts!!!

    **On September 10th, 11th, and 12the we are not going to purchase anything at all especially Gas. I know this is early, but I would like to start this early enough to get the word out. Would all of you join is in rebellion against the oil companies? I would like to suggest three days if possible of not purchasing any gas.

    If you could even store some in plastic gas cans in your garage, whatever it takes. The main date will be this September Eleventh.** The day before and after the anniversary of 9-11-01. Please join us in this rebellion of the greed of big oil companies that effects everything we buy. Lets send them a message that we the people, do have the power to fight back.

    E-mail all of your friends, lets send them a message loud and clear that we are sick and tired of getting messed over by big oil companies. This could make a huge impact on the price we all pay at the pump. By hurting them in the wallet, we will show them that we are sick and tired and were aren't just going to sit back and take it anymore.

    SO PLEASE JOIN IN THE REBELLION AGAINST BIG OIL ON SEPTEMBER 10TH, 11TH AND 12TH. If you would, go a step further and e-mail everyone you know, lets make a difference!

    I would like to thank iampam for the inspiration for this question and daren who suggested a ban on buying groceries on these days, then we expanded it to, "LETS NOT BUY ANYTHING THESE THREE DAYS Lets do this, a ban on all consumer goods, that will send a serious message to Big Oil and Big Business. We the consumers have the power.

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    5.5k??????? How? What?

    Headless Man

    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a>, Good answers helps too......




    O.k. now we have more time to get this out there... I'll have to ask a friend if he or she can build a website or email to further the cause? Any takers let me know...

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    it has been suggested that a good strategy to bring prices down is to boycott specific brands of gas, which would force companies to engage in price wars to ensure their brand viability, and then to keep alternating between brands, to keep the price down, modeled on informed coordinated people power .


    Wow Cucumber great point, maybe you could post a schedule on what days to by from whom? I would join in. t.u.


    yeah, boycott the Arab gas stations.Buy only from the British gas stations, or American gas, or Australian gas, if there is such a thing. Altho, B P is on my sh-- list for letting that gas gush into the gulf for about 3 months. Com' ON, They could have put that cap back on , or turned off the pumps.
    Headless Man

    @ mycatsmom, I don't think BP could have done any better than they did on that leak, however they could have stopped it from happening in the first place, if they hadn't cut corners.

    September 9-10-11.. A little late but I have seen this before, back when gas was reaching 2 bucks.

    It didn't work then and it didn't work last year based of the dates above. The oil companies laugh at these consumer exploits. You need the gas so you buy it early or late? You are still buying it because you gotta go! Seems people are always blaming the 'big' oil companies, These companies are made up of investors, speculators drive prices up, not the oil companies. They must make the investors happy. I sincerely believe that if we tapped our own resources, prices would go down as supply and demand takes control, a lot of anything is worth nothing. As Clinton said, it would take at least 10 years for this oil to make it to the consumers, that was 13 years ago, if we would have done it then, we would not be in the fix we are today. Also, keeping in mind that as we search for new breakthroughs in alternate energy, we will eventually find it.. Not too far off either. Solar, electric and windmills is not the answer either but there's 'big' corporations making 'big' money on those that do believe it. I'm afraid that there's not much the consumer can do right now, making yourself uncomfortable in protest is not the way..

    Headless Man

    I'm afraid "Vinny" is right, we might get the oil company attention but that's all. We need to learn how to cut oil and gas consumption everyday to really have an effect.

    @leeroy - Will you have a reminder...being this is March, almost April.


    Yes, another good Idea thank you, I would appreciate it if we all could send out e-mail to our friends about it and ask them to forward it to all of their friends, we could make a huge impact on the price we pay for gas.

    Lets do it I'm all in



    Thanks, I'm surprised more people haven't answered this, if we don't do anything, but complain on this site, what's the difference? People shouldn't complain if they're not prepared to do something to try to make a change.

    Count me in.....


    t.u. thanks Randy if we just sit around and do nothing, nothing is gonna change, in fact it will probably just get worse.


    Leeroy, 25 ppl answered your suggestion in the affirmative .

    We could use the savings over the 3 days to help another needy cause.


    The causes I prefer are those small things that we dont hear much about. When there are large scale disasters around the world this can take a lot of help from the small causes. They are only small because of the numbers involved but to the individual who are dying or have lost loved ones it is the end of their world. I want my money to go to them


    Huh, good suggestion check out some causes and get back to me maybe Japan's earthquake victims? Thumbs up.

    OK leeroy, I'm here. I buy gas 2X a month and shop for groceries every other week. Looking at the calendar it appears the boycott falls on a week I won't be buying gas or groceries so I'm in by default ; )


    Thanks Colleen, t.u. to you, I think if everyone emails all of their friends we can put a hurtin on the Big Oil companies, and might as well try to do something. Thanks!!!

    Count me in something has to give besides us......

    Heck yes Iam all for it lets do this


    t.u., thanks Mat, let as many people know as you can, I would appreciate it, I'm sure it will make a difference and lower gas prices.


    math, what's '' lam for all '' mean ?

    I can appreciate your frustration and trying to do something about it. However, this is like going on a hunger strike. Whoever you are trying to get the point across to says, "Who cares? Go ahead and starve yourself to death." Oil companines and the Saudi's have more money than you can imagine, and can certainly wait out three days without any pain whatsoever. Three days is not going to make a dent because people will buy ahead or later to make up for those days of not buying.

    What makes more sense is simply conserving and not buying as much YEAR ROUND! A TREND of less consumption is what will eventually drive prices down.

    I'm in, I used to buy 1000's of gallons a year, but now only a couple hundred so it shouldn't be a problem for me...Thanks


    Thanks bro, lets show Big Business who really has the power, the common man and the common women.

    As always my friend, I'll back your cause!


    Thanks Coach your the best! t.u.

    If oil companies get hurt, I'm out of a job therefore I'm not in. But good luck to you


    Thanks leeroy, I do see your point thought. I did a little research on the weekend and the CTrain is actually a faster/cheaper way for me to get to work, therefore I'll be at least making that change :)


    Believe me they have tons of money, this is just to give them a little kick in the wallet, saying hey, stop hurting us and be realistic, all big business are jacking up their prices, I'm just saying lets give them a taste of their own medicine for a few days. T.u. to you anyway, I hope you will reconsider? If not I respect you either way.

    it's only two weeks away now.. do we need big oil or do they need us ?

    the tourch still burns..but were not buying the oil
    lets keep this alive

    I'm game for that. I've said for a long time that we should boycott this high priced  gas, by buying an electric car, or by riding a bike or a moped around town. Better  yet, buy an electric motor scooter.And by car pooling to work. And by walking to stores.   I've done all of the above. 

    You can count me in. I have copied your article and I will send it around to people I know. So perhaps Australia will join it too.

    We need a sail and a wind mill on top of our cars so we can use the wind to travel when the wind is blowing and the wind mill to have the batteries charged so when the wind is not blowing.

    You build it and I'll buy


    At least we are going to do something, it's much, much better than doing nothing...

    Cucumber and Vinny have a great point, we need to not only rebel in what we are planning, but we also need to buy from certain gas stations for a month, and another gas station the next month. Alternate transportation would be a good help, but it's difficult to find them.

    Leeroy, glad to help, but do you remember couple years when a large hispanic group in texas decided to boycott business owners, the result was more profit, less crime , less trash. So just look at the undesirable results that may occur before you start

    Count me in something has to give besides us......

    Just a reminder to some of the newer members that haven't seen the question.

    So just in case you have ADD like me, we are all going to text, call, or email everyone we know and ask them not to purchase anything for three days in September. Most people can remember the date 9-11-11. So the day before and the day after 9-11 we are especially trying to impact gas prices, not to mention the rising cost of everything else. I appreciate all the support, and I think it's a great idea. Please spread the word!!!

    It's better to do something, than to do nothing and complain about it.


    I totality in with your scheme,Leeroy,but I think you need a plane "ABC"

    Great, thank you facebook! I think it's better to do something than to sit back and do nothing...

    perhaps this might not add up to a hill of beens .. but this is our hill and theses are beans..

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