What is your favorite t.v. commercial of all time? Or which one do you find the most Humorous?

    I usually like the commercials during the Super Bowl, which commercial do you remember the most and why?

    I liked the Geico caveman commercials for a while, but they overdid it a little.

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    Wendy's hamburger's the old lady yelling where's the beef ?""


    That reminded me of my great SHe always had a orchid in her hair.. Every day of her life.. They were sent to her by florists... even in the nursing home.

    That when commercials where funny but today they pretty much make no sense
    MY favorite was Califo.rnia Raisins
    Geico has quite a few good ones. I really like the wood chuck one.

    i love that happy pig going weeeeeeeee al the way home


    the talking babies are so funny!
    how about the classic coke a cola commerical with people from all over the world singing "i want to see the world"
    I have never laughed as hard as I did as when I saw the doritos commercial when the guy had the spice on his fingers and his friend liked it offf... I am still laughing.

    Yeah, that was a good one, kinda of creeped me out though.

    YA we didnt know whether to laugh or take a shower.



    t.u. matheneyg.

    Budweiser by far has the best commercials...but the worst beer.


    I agree. I really liked (and still do) the ones they air during Christmas season with the Clydesdale's.

    I like the current Traveler's Insurance commercial with the dog -
    "worry, worry,worry"
    I love dogs and this one looks like one of mine.
    Good question, thanks for asking.
    Nice to hear other people's comments on a fairly non-contriversial subject.

    mr potatoe head driving fast and mrs potatoe head loses her lips after yelling sheep in a bridgestone commerical.tony

    I laugh every time I hear it.

    country bumpkin

    I've played this three times in a row since answering this question, my eyes are watering from laughter.

    Jimmy Fallon's commercial (he's a late-night t.v. host). The baby is absolutely adorable!

    There are no good commercials anymore period. And tell me this why when it is around dinnertime they especially like to show the ones on K-Y jelly and viagra and hemoroids truly disgusting.....

    Glad I could make you laugh leeroy but tis true you know.
    Compare the Market. com ads in the UK with the Merecats. Brill!

    The commercial about dogs teeth. Dentures for dogs, or buy these dog food bones to keep their teeth healthy.

    Mostly, I hate commercials. But, there is one I can't stand. It's not on anymore because there were so many complaints. A man is asleep in bed. Suddenly, his tongue leaves his mouth and travels around looking for a bottle of alcohol. It's so disgusting.
    Probably not much sense telling you mine as they are by a Queensland Bank and do not show out side Qld, but they are the Suncorp adds.

    Like the fourex ads with the blokes at various fishing locations.

    The Ikea Furniture commercial...START THE CAR... START THE CAR

    M&M's at the store being held up ,.....I think he's going to eat
    Gary!...very funny

    I like the driving and dancing Hamsters in the CAR commercial. "You can get with THIS or you can get with THAT"

    I also like the Pest control commercial. The family comes home early from a trip to find a Large RAT and his Rat friend jaming on the Guitars.

    Last but not least I like the dad changing the baby boys diaper and the baby has a super power spray force of pee let loose when he opens the diaper. If you have ever changed a boy baby you would know the deal with them. 

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