CLOSED: Why are people who don't believe in God, so intolorent of the people who do?

    Or does it just seem that way to a person depending on their perspective? If you are passionate about your view and someone with an opposing view is passionate as well, does that ignite the fuse?

    Can't we all just get along, agree to disagree?

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    The Devil's in the details. A sceptic is just that, a non believer! They are violently opposed, and show their true colors. When Galileo proposed the solar system, he was branded a heretic and only recanted to save himself from life in prison. In short, atheists are the same. Advocating POP Culture Rather than seeking the truth.




    you answered your own question----about your view---thats all it is--a view,opion,hunch--no right or wrong--------RIGHT!!!!



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    we are all perceiving this world through different eyes, consequently some of us are closed off to views that collide,thus creating intolerance to those who are different thinkers,left unchecked the mind can whirl into a frenzy,trying to destroy anything in its way

    In a recent survey there were some 37,000 registered different religions and they were just the ones claiming to be Christian. I can well understand the frustration of skeptics or even atheist who say that it does not make any sense. What is even harder is that some of the most heinous crimes are committed by people who claim to be Christian ministers. I refer of course to the frequently exposed pedophile priesthood. To be an atheist is to take a stand against God, but many people only do this because those who claim to represent him have such double standards. Ok Guys is that right or not? Please give me your vote!

    Grit Savage

    mate, we don't stand against "god" how can you stand against something that doesn't exist!
    the whole point in declaring oneself an atheist, is to say to the world that you have weighed up the evidence and have come to the conclusion (on our own, without peer pressure!) that there is no "god" or santa, tooth fairy, elves, devils, unicorns, free lunch, honest politicians etc etc.....

    Grit Savage

    Deary me rover!
    it comes down to name calling now??
    as a person with two degrees, a CIPD accreditation, HND in bio filtration. and I speak 3 languages!
    I have traveled widely throughout Europe Asia and currently reside in the land down under.
    I study hard to further my education and gain as much knowledge as i possible can, I am currently studying logistics which will be put towards yet another degree (Science and urban planning)
    I help out with a few charities(when time allows) I have also helped people who were grieving, (as i have lost love ones)

    you do not have the right to call me a fool



    Well the above illustrates perfectly why non believers like myself get sick of the sort of sanctiminious nonsense that comes from the religious,,satans minion what are on,i don't believe in god i don't in satan either ~ the pair of them can kiss my.......

    i am sick of being told my life is pointless,that i'm deluded n that you lot will pray for me cos i don't follow all the other sheep.
    If you need to believe in god to get some meaning in your life thats fine,i wont say your wrong cos i cant proove my beliefs any more than you can proove yours but for god's sake keep it to yourself or amongst the flock please



    The Devil's in the details. A sceptic is just that, a non believer! They are violently opposed, and show their true colors. When Galileo proposed the solar system, he was branded a heretic and only recanted to save himself from life in prison. In short, atheists are the same. Advocating POP Culture Rather than seeking the truth. Atheists are actually Satanist pretending to BE atheists. By definition, they should care less. Because they don't believe, butt instead VIOLENTLY, ridicule, oppose, belittle, ALL PERSON"S of any faith! atheists are Satan's minion !

    Ms Sinclair

    52centameters - Your comment makes no sense. As fastbob72 said atheists don't believe in the Devil any more than they believe in God.Btw, I'm not a non believer but my views on religion are not the conventional ones. It would seem to me that it is you who are the intolerant one by calling people who don't believe as you do satanists. You also write (in dark script,capital letters, etc.) as if you are angry. Calm down.

    Unfortunately, as throughout other periods in history, it is currently NOT fashionable to believe in something bigger than yourself.


    Look, all religions, except Buddahism, are kind of Goofy.But,I do
    not hate or belittle them. I just look down on them. Kidding. Sorry.
    It typed itself. Avram


    And Buddahists get kind of wierded on the Reincarnation thing.
    They're still the most sensible though. Avram


    YEAH-DONT YOU.ITS NICE TO BELIEVE ,i even believed in santa at one time


    So just an honest question, do you believe then that you live your life (for better or worse), you die and then that's it?

    Dualism is an virulent state of mental confusion that is survivable. Existentialism tends to press the issues of opposites to the point of the breakdown of ones mental faculty. Since this confusion is brought on by belief and denial, its origin can be found by the revocation of belief and denial to the point of origin. What is preferable? To accept the state of mental confusion as real, with its lifelong obsessions or by faith and persistence revoke ones embrace of fantasy in order to embrace a reality that is based on all that is true and knowable.
    In other words, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with BS." My Consort.

    I think a lot of people equate religion with war. I also see that many Christians are so full of God that it oozes from their pores and they just want so badly to share His love that it can be an overkill to some. I am a Christian so I know how badly you just want to share the love but to those not so sure it can be construed as pushy.

    I don't believe in God, and I don't hate christians. I see the same from both sides though. I think the reason is, some atheists are people who don't believe in the soul, and those ones typically feel ashamed that they ever did.. they were made to feel stupid somehow ['education'], and so they begin to demonstrate their 'intelligence' to gain respect. Pure vanity. :] the mechanisms of corruption.

    I was taught by a wise old man, never trust a man or woman who is deep into religion, how many times that has been shown to me in life has been unbelievable,we all can see what my wise advisor meant after the priest scandals, I was told this 45 years ago, I still keep it in the forefront of my mind today, I was brought up with a so called christian man, boy 'o' boy.

    Ms Sinclair

    You don't need to go to a church to see "God". "God" lives in every blade of grass, in every flower, in the air, water, the sky, in us. Preachers often try to brainwash people because they have their own agenda, be it political or otherwise. This is true in every organized religion.

    Headless Man

    "so called christian man" Thats the trouble there are allot of so called christians causing people to not even look into the church for information, go to several churches, churches are like cars not one can fit all. And it's free info. offerings are just that offerings.

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