Is being P.C. a good thing or bad? Politically Correct or not?

    Does it help to be p.c. or does it hurt. Does it limit our freedom of speech, making us like a gelding? Why is it so important not to offend anyone? Is a spade still a spade........ if not, what is it? A Club?

    I've seen it mentioned by us older folk that this p.c. crap is a load of hooey. Do you agree or disagree?

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    People need to come to grip with who they are and what it is.. I am Italian, I have been called dago, wop, gini, etc, it doesn't bother me, i am proud of my heritage. This constantly worrying about being PC and if I am hurting someone's feelings is gunna get us all killed. Those in the world that have no PC barrier will use our PC policies against us. And already are. We don't need to go around calling each other names or stereotyping either but that is human nature, PC people need to grow up. Quit worrying about trivial things.


    Good answer t.u. to you. I think being p.c. limits your freedom of speech as well. If people get offended that I am praying for my lunch at Outback, it would also effect my freedom of religion. It is basically an idea made to look good, but it is really is an idea of intolerance.

    I have a friend who is a vertically challenged person, but would not be offended if you called him a midget. He doesn't consider that to be derogatory.? Usually when speaking amongst friends we call each other all sorts of things. If you don't know someone, I find it best not to offend them even if you are joking. They may not understand your sense of humor.

    I don't care if someone calls me what I am, I appreciate it when I am off course and a friend lets me know I am screwing up, just say it like it really is man. If you are black you are black, etc. etc.


    Who makes the decision of what goes on the news that we painfully watch?

    Politically correct is being Thin Skinned. No thin skinned people in my small circle of friends. If your offended go away and stay away. However you'll never hear the word nigger, fag, dyke, midget and few other equally offensive words spoken in my home. I don't use that language and neither will anyone else it in my presence.

    I think FOX is the most unPC as any network. Look how the other PC networks put them down, because their #1 with the people. To answer your question PC is bad........... I own a Mac

    Supporting broad social, political, and educational change, especially to redress historical injustices in matters such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. What we can say and how we say it!!!

    So I realize many people agree that being p.c. isn't necessarily a good thing is there someone out there who thinks that it is a good thing? Do you think that the most important thing when speaking to someone is,"Not to offend them."

    Do you believe that kids sports shouldn't keep score, where there is no winner and no loser?
    What kid of message does this teach our children? Is that good for self esteem, but not realistic in preparing your child for real life?

    Just wondering?

    Because people can't handle the truth of reality, and don't want to be held accountable for their actions.

    It is a form of programming. imo
    If they had their way we would all look down at their feet and say nothing to confirm their hierarchy in spades.
    They have most people afraid to do anything their not told to.
    Buy this and that until your broke is all that's acceptable.
    Don't think just do as your told, and most people don't give it a second thought, they just do it with no thought at all.

    Right is right and people trying to be or train you to be politically correct can't change that.
    In most cases when it's govt.-vs-public it's hypocrisy...and most as I say not as I do.
    The truth is so obvious yet people are content to let the village idiots navigate their lives from beginning to end.
    Boiling the frog seems to work well.
    Now get back to work then go buy something usless. Just kidding...good question leeroy


    It is all bull dust started by a few nut cases and every one in power pretty well agree with a minority group. Man hole cove to person hole cover really. I heard you cant say Baa Baa black sheep. I dont care if I am called a "whitie" or a good looking bastard. If people are so sensitive they sholud become hermits and live in a cave.


    thanks, they have even brought it to kids sports, nobody wins????????????? That's not real life, what are we teaching our kids?

    Adherring to the P.C. crowd is silly, immature and very stupid. Be true to yourself and the God of Abraham. Leave such pandoring to those without a spine or understanding.


    It is your actions that make the differences not nouns and verbs.


    That's the problem with the US Government. Nice answer FreedomFighter.

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