how long can you be kept in jail if there is not warranty for your arrest

    i have a hold on me from california, but no warrenty for my arrest has being file.iam being held in yuma detention centerwhow long can they yuma az hold me.

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    Depends, is it a limited warranty or a full warranty... :)

    Some warranties are 30 days, some 90 days and some OMG are Lifetime warranties... ACK!!!
    In the USA with no warrant they must release you in 72 hours.
    In other countries don't know how the laws work.
    You would'nt be in jail
    Until they extradite you to CA.
    I assume you mean a "warrant". One would need to know where you are to find a better answer. There is quite some difference based upon the countries and locales possible.

    In Yuma here is the contact info where you can ask
    if there were no warrant for your arrest you probably wouldn't be in jail now??????

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