i have one leg and one arm half of my brainis gone can some one help me ?

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    yes were looking for a new home plate at our local baseball field
    Also I have to add if this is really your state of living I am truly sorry for you If not I just though I would let you in on my last session with a very distraught client. Her son is dying of bone cancer, most foods make him throw up, he can't sit or lay for more than 10 minutes without having to move out of agony. He is only in his late 40's. His life is almost over and in the background his family and friends can only watch helplessly. If your looking for unnecessary attention I suggest you give some of your free time in a cancer clinic and see what suffering and people with incredible strength are like. If you are truly in this condition, I do apologize for being so abrupt.

    WOW! I can't imagine the pain for him and for his family!
    'Shit happens' life goes on.
    Well you sound almost `armless so why not hop on down to your local electarol office and put you name down for President because you are well qualified for the job. Oh , hang on I re read you question. Forget all that because with only half a brain you are over qualified for president.
    What is it your specifically looking for as far as help? I have two teen boys I wonder if anyone can help me;)

    Yikes!!!! lol

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