I would like to see a comparison sheet of your 4 wheel drive vehicles so I can see the difference.

    recently purchased a hunting/farming property in AL and am interested in hunting vehicle but would like to compare what you have to offer

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    Try a Kia Sorrento EX from 2004 thru 2008 4 X 4. This is a REAL TRUCK, not a SUV. It has a heavy duty transfer case with HIGH and LOW range 4 x 4 gearing. I own a 2004 with 128992 miles.One set of brake pads, new timing belt, oil change, filter every 3000miles, one a year, all gear oil replaced and every 12000 miles, new transmission fluid. Just installed 2nd set of Michelin super thread tires. Vehicle used mostly on super high ways. The only problem I am having is the clock.Iam a heavy equipment damage appraiser who contracts with insurance companies and sometimes I have to go off road to a site where a damaged piece of heavy equipment is and the KIA always gets me there safely. I am also a Heavy equipment truck mechanic, by trade.

    Thanks, Jim at


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