Why does everyone want sex

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    Why do you want to know?

    Ms Sinclair

    Lol. Maybe they're looking for a partner.

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    Is this goofy question still around?
    I believe I read or heard that the average person thinks about SEX every two minutes ... or something amazing like that. teen age boys think about it much more frequently. (I've heard)

    That is a kind of a bad genelazation lumping all into one bag. I do not fit in that bag myself thank you very much.

    Well if there is a God and he made anything better than sex he kept it for himself. Does that answer your question?

    You must think about this alot. Although it is the nature of our beastly selves to create more of the same. But of course that is not likely what you are interested in. You must find great satisfaction in verbal and chat sex. LOL



    The last person that we had asking sex questions was only 8 years old.

    are u asking this question because u really don't find sex a pleaser or a enjoyable thing to indulge in ? then u might find ur mismatched with ur partner or ur upbringing has lead u to believe sex is considered wrong ?because under normal circumstances most people enjoy sex ur in the minority

    um did we get here in the first

    i dont know lol

    It feels good!!!!!!!
    Because they objects are hidden places,so they feel good when they have a chance to "cam" along

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