Jesus said 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do' Could He be talking about you?

    They nailed Him to a cross yet He loved them and forgave them. Would you have stood by and watched?

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    Are you saying this site is only for unbelivers. I like this site and there are some really good people. Also a good mix of opinions. If you dont like hearing about my Lord you dont have to read my questions. Here is another point. All will stan d and give an account


    Ok but you will also see my questions attract a good responce from all types. I will continue to ask whatever comes to mind. By the way what makes you sure I am your dear or girl I could be a man. We will be winking at each other

    ole hipster

    Whoa girl...are you rolling down the aisles with all these religious based questions...lighten up! I'm sure there are other website and/or talk forums that you can be going on to spread your word...enough already..if your're trying to make people guilt trip or are going about it in the wrong way...please ask a question about another are smothering us!

    ole hipster

    Yes my dear, however, when researching your questions they have basically been religion based...have you nothing else to contribue??

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    I believe HE was talking to us all. I would wanted to stop them, but it was to be.

    I couldn't say, I wasn't there, but I hope I would believe...... seeing it for myself. The sky growing dark as night, the earth shaking, the graves being opened, and the spirits walking among the living. Sounds like a Michael Jackson video, but many saw the miracles and still did not believe.

    I think He was talking about everyone.

    Jesus was all alone when they mocked Him..All alone when they gave Him a crown of thorns. He was all alone when He heard the crowed shout 'crusify Him and set Berabus free. .....His friends betrayed and left Him... One thing for shure He will never leave us alone

    Headless Man

    Amen brother!


    When a got saved I wrote these words. It was part of a song that God helped me to write


    Its so good to have brothers and sisters all over the world. All with the same Father and Lord


    By the Spirit of Love and Peace are all such men; all Creeds and Traditions in truth the children of God :-)

    . . . it the secret of the sacrifice revealed openly and willingly, lovingly upon the Cross.

    As sinners, I am sure he is also talking about us.

    At one time he was talking about me.But now I worship him.

    Yes I am quite sure I fit in the category of that at times, but it is in the striving and trying and asking God daily sometimes minute by minute to please help me to be who and what he wants me to be.

    Is the bible club in need of points? Well, here ya go ;)

    There, I got everyone :)

    Thanks, I hope that admin, will take my suggestion of recycling the questions, there are always new members who haven't seen the older questions, that's why we get so many repeat questions here.

    Thanks for the support Col, I'm really glad your back!

    oh . . would I have just watched? In my heart I would like to think, I would have tried to stop it, but he would have most likely forbade me, as he did in the Olive Garden, saying to his apostle, put up your sword, then healed a Roman soldiers ear, which had been cut off.

    It was a physical demonstration, in a time of ignorance (sadly which still remains), a teaching for all of man-kind, to heed; Forgiveness, to forgive and forgive and forgive. For if he could forgive those who made Him suffer so, how can we not forgive the little things we suffer everyday. Forgiveness is an aspect of the True love of Spirit and soul. :)

    No, I was born a little after he said that.

    yes. all of us


    Why do you keep recycling this rubbish?

    Could he be talking about you? He's probably turning over in his grave.

    Fog, wouldn't understand your most perceptive insight.

    God created man in his own image but not with his knowledge. I wonder why the boss likes being the boss? or is someone else smarter than the average idiot?


    Roger, Roger, Hummmm . . . insults/ . . . Name calling ? "the world is a Mirrior, what one sees in it is himself" . . .you most likely wouldn't understand this.


    Gabalis, calling?

    I believe the record shows you hurling quite a few at me....."the world is a mirror, what one sees in it is himself"....??

    FoG, his comment is two months old. Catch up. When you stop being a hypocrite and stop pretending you want to know about another's beliefs so you can "learn" but secretly want to just ridicule it and make fun of the person sharing, then you MIGHT have the right to judge another. You pompous thumper. You've earned all the names. Extremist.

    Greeting Colleen,

    Sorry, I did not know you wasn't suppose to answer old comments or questions.

    May God Bless you richly.

    Indeed, such are the ways of the fundamentalists. They don't know any better, their minds and hearts are wrapped up as tight as a mummy buried in the dry, dusty bone yard of the past. WAKE UP the Spirit ever moves don't miss it again in this New Age of Enlightenment; Gods True Reality in all men. egos, and personalities are of the worldly body notwithstanding.

    Fog, I, didn't take Rogers answer personally, for he was generalizing, specifally in refering to the likes of you and your fragle kind.

    Fog, I think if you are a fundamentalist, which I know you are. If I name and call you a fundamentalist, damnable though they all are, I speak the truth, as did Jesus when he confronted the pharaisees, which were and are and ever will be, fundamentalists, ignorant killers of all Truth. They even crucifed our beloved Brother Jesus for the sake of lies.

    If the shoe fits Fog wear it. For even Saul was a pharisee; a fundamentalist who persecuted and killed Gods true servants. Even so by Christs/Gods grace he became Paul, our beloved Brother. So there is still hope for you as well as your confrederates. Be a true friend of Spirit WAKE UP get you head and heart out of the Fog
    It seems someone must always physically die to get the attention of fundamentalists; the more horrible the better, to penetrate their closed minds and hearts. They have certain knowledge of God now given by Christ through Jesus and by his sacrifice. But though knowledge is an excellent first step, without Understanding it is just ignorance raised up to its new station. But thankfully Understanding the second major step, shall be the next dispensation, given of this New Age we are now entering. Thankfully no more sacrifices will be required, for the greatest has already been fullfilled. Wake up my Brethren the time is now. :-)

    also, Jesus is not in his grave. when he ascended into heaven it was in bodily form. there is no bones of Jesus here

    Christ the Son of God ascended. Spirit is Spirit and flesh is but flesh. Its not the body but the Spirit that is men that is the Glory of God when they can receive it This was the whole purpose of our beloved Jesus's sacrifice, to teach men the reality of their own true selves in Christ the Lord. Thus are all men Sons-of-God when they can receive this inner understanding in truth. The fundamental brain washing of the last Age has blinded men to this reality, stripped them of their right to that same Sonship. But in this New Age their hearts and minds shall be opened that they may claim their rightful Sonship. :-)

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