If on your death bed would you ask for more money, Better job, larger house or Salvation? All those things would not be important any more.

    I think most people (even some unbelievers) would turn to God just like the thief on the cross

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    I am trying to make the point. All those things would no longer be important.


    Well if I did not have salvation which I already do it would be salvation, as to more money, better job, larger home, what would one do with that on their death bed? I have never seen a U-haul behind a hearse when one dies?

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    Good point, friendindeed, we will all leave with nothing but our GOD.


    So many think they will live for ever but who knows the time or place. God holds the next breath.

    I try not to ask for anything anymore cause most of us don't know what it is we really want out of life.Now I leave it up to Him the Almighty God knows my every needs before I even ask.You can't have two master,love the thing of the world or love God,eternal life.

    SALVATION.  I am an evolving Christian, learning and growing in faith. I believe Christ lived a perfect (sinless) life, and was crucified for the sins of all, including me.  It is a difficult concept to accept on a purely logical, scientific level, but faith overrules on this, for me at least.

    Hopefully, salvation is something accepted before we reach our death beds, but the good news is, it's never too late, as long as there is breath and you exercise your free will to ask!

    You've got to wonder, at least a little bit, why the modern world is living in the year 2011, pretty much based on the year of Jesus Christ's birth.  (just for starters................)

    today is the day of salvation

    The only thing needed any time is Salvation. All the rest will be provided.

    you dont get pockets in your last suit

    salvation would be what I would ask for.


    As I was about to leave this mortal plane, I think I would ask for a nice soft cold pillow and close my eyes and drift away.

    I don't understand the question. If I'm on my death bed, what the heck would I care about money, a better job or bigger house?


    I'm not very religious. I was brought up a Catholic but I'm not a very good one. I guess if I'm on my death bed I would want to make peace with a God if I believed there was one. I believe if you haven't killed anyone and lived a decent life God would accept me into his kingdom whether I spent my entire life going to church and reading the bible anyway. I'm rolling the dice. ;)


    Funny, since we moved from NJ to NC in January I've come across A LOT of Baptist church goers who are down right DECENT people. My wife was very involved with religion till she married me. :( I guess I brought he into THE DARK SIDE. LOL Seriously, I think about getting back into it but I have to admit, I'm cautious and skeptical. Who knows, maybe some day. Hopefully BEFORE I reach my death bed day. ;)


    Yes, its very meaningful, but I'm still on the fence.


    The point is. Those things are so important when we think we have years ahead. No thought for eternal things. But if no time left we then forget all the world things and seek God


    Thanks for your answer. I base my thoughts on a passage in the Bible where a religious man came to Jesus and asked Him what he needed to do the have eternal life. He was a good and upright man. Jesus did not say to him. ' keep going as you are, do no harm etc' and you get to Heaven. He said to him ' Except a man be Born again he can not enter the Kingdom of God' I dont mean to preach at you or anyone. This is what I did and gave my life to Jesus.


    Did you read my question about The Fathers love letter. If not please do. Dont put off till tomorrow what your soul is telling you to do today. Thumbs up for your comment

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