Where do I report someone for None reporting of income and receiving social security disibility

    I am reporting a receipiant who receives monthly disibility checks and receives wages for the care of a patient in her home and doesn"t report her additional income to the Social security administration.

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    Or simply click on the link below. If the answer helps please put in a thumbs up vote for it. Thank You

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    the money they get is probably insignificant, perhaps we should question our own motives for wanting to bring more hardship into the life of a disabled person,grow some courage, and concentrate on the real parasites in this world

    why cant people mind their own our social security administration in our area was evicted for non payment of rent and sued FOR squatting and taking federal grants away from children that that portion of the building we getting ready to be used for
    do you know anything about SSI or SSDI if you did you would no many on it cant even put food on their tables!!!

    go after the govt and the people who can afford to be held accountable for their criminal activity!!
    like our crooked GOVT.
    shut up people and pay for my yacht while i talk and take you money!!! and the food out your kids mouths

    wheres our bail out!!!

    life is hard enough, without people like you trying to make it harder. you've probably got plenty of money, haven't you!


    what possible satisfaction are you hope to gain from this?? why cant you leave the person alone and mind your own business, remember karma has a way of coming back to bite you in the backside! go find yourself something useful to do, and maybe show a little kindness, instead of getting off on spite!!

    first of all why cant everyone hold themselves responsible and accountable for there own selves and take their own inventory

    have you any clue what a care giver makes or how much social security she gets

    many in ssi or ssdi
    do not make enough to put food on their table!!!

    she may be desperate

    why dont you spend more time cleaning up the crooks in our GOVT.. the ones that can afford to be held liable for their actions

    FYI the social security administration in our area was squatting and had to be evicted for nonpayment of their rent and was sued!!
    and your worry about miss X?? and her XY income

    Get it in proportion, theres greed as in 'the bankers' and 'polititions fidling expenses' and theres none greed like ordinary people fidling a bit to make ends meet.

    If they are illegal citizens then forget it! Our Democratic government wants their votes!

    Office of the Inspector General- cut and paste the link below and it allows you to report any SS fraud.

    betrayal is the worst sin. think about that before you take any action.

    I tryed that years ago no one cares , get on with you business.

    How about calling SS?

    And call or write the IRS with person's name and address. He/she is probably not paying taxes either.

    Get a grip,they wonder why there's no sense of community anymore yet reward us for 'grassing' each other into the cops or the you know that's exactly how the Gestapo kept an iron grip on the populace in Nazi Germany from tip offs by concerned members of the public,,you should worry about your own life n leaue her to get on with hers,if she is scamming a bit extra then thats her business not yours but you can guarantee it's try living on benefits it's a real struggle.I pay my taxes n if she can get away with it faip play to her i say n shame on you if you do grass her in !!!!

    Mind your own business or Karma will bite you in the ass faster than you can say Karma! You have too much time on your hands, find something constructive to do like try to help others instead of destroying them. Why so nasty?

    File a complaint by phone or mail with the Fraud and Noncompliance Unit of the Missouri Department of Labor if you believe someone who is receiving worker's compensation benefits has provided false information.Examples of false information include the extent of the injury or disability, ability to work or claiming a non-work related injury.

    Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

    Division of Worker's Compensation

    Fraud and Noncompliance Unit

    P.O. Box 1009

    Jefferson City, MO 65102-1009


    Report fraud to the Social Security Administration (SSA) if you know someone receiving disability income who may have provided false information to qualify for benefits. Examples include misrepresenting the extent of a disability or not reporting income or work activity. File a report by mail, phone or fax. A form is also available on the SSA website which may be submitted electronically.

    Social Security Fraud Hotline

    P.O. Box 17768

    Baltimore, Maryland 21235


    410-597-0118 Fax

    Provide as much information as possible about the beneficiary and the alleged fraud to aid subsequent criminal investigation. Reports may be filed anonymously if you choose. However, the inability of investigators to contact you for further information may impede the investigation.
    .Social Security
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    Ask yourself...If i do a job or favour for a friend/neighbour and they give me x amount of money, do i pay the tax man a part of it or just keep the lot.

    what possible satisfaction are you hope to gain from this?? why cant you leave the person alone and mind your own business, remember karma has a way of coming back to bite you in the backside! go find yourself something useful to do, and maybe show a little kindness, instead of getting off on spite!!

    the first thing you learn as a child is not to tell on other , in short mind your own business

    social it is possible that the income is claimed when they file their taxes as self employment. when you are on ssdi you can earn some money. just a thought.

    If they are illegal citizens, forget it! Our Democratic government wants their votes!

    You bored? Have nothing better to do? Get a life. Worry about the plank in your own eye, and not the sliver in mine.

    why dont u mind ur own business

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