Do you share my feelings about piercings?

    I'm frightfully old, and come of conservative stock. Thus, when I was a sprog, older women of my class frowned upon pierced earlobes. They themselves might wear earrings to very formal occasions, but they would be clip-on or screw-on - very painful to wear, and very likely to drop off and be crushed underfoot on the dancefloor.
    By the time I was grown up, this prejudice had all but died out, but it may yet colour my feelings.
    As regards piercings for women (being straight, I have not the least interest in what men do) to me, not more than two in the earlobes is fine, in fact desirable. If you can't think of a more imaginative present, a nice pair of earrings is always acceptable.
    In the eyebrow - OK.
    In the nostril - if you must, but please, just one.
    Elsewhere in the ear, if you must.
    In the tongue, if you feel you must. I suppose you DO realise it's supposed to improve your performance when offering fellatio?
    Elsewhere on the face, NO! and super-duper NO! for the septum.
    Moving down, definitely NO! for the nipples.
    If you must for the navel.
    Absolute NO! for any part of the sexual apparatus.

    As I say, I suspect it's largely a generational thing. But ladies, if you started a relationship with a man, and after a while he said, could you please have this or that piercing done, so that he could love you more, would you think the better of him? And suppose he went on to ask you to have a highly visible tattoo, or enhanced breats? I have to say, if I heard that a man had asked, let alone required, anything on these lines of his girlfriend, I would think the worse of him. But it's for you ladies to judge, not me.

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    The natural body alone is a beautiful creation.

    Today, it is up to the individual; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Went to school with an exceptionally bright guy. Decided he wanted to make a statement and eventually covered his entire body with extreme tats and piercings. He looked ridiculous. A smart guy that no one hired. He did cover his tats and removed the piercings in order to feed his family. Nobody wants a freak representing their company image. Individuality is good, but not when it borders stupidity.
    Other than the ears for women, I say no.
    had a friend one time with so many i called her bird shot it does not take too many to be unatractive and silly
    Not my job to judge others, takes too much room up in my head.
    Live and Let Live.

    Each to their own.  I have 12 piercings.... It isn't tacky and I receive many compliments for them.  The best part is if threre is another world war, I can sell each earring one at a time and support my family until it is over!


    Six in each ear? If there was a war, you might find the price went down!

    We will be pierced if you leave !
    the only good thing about them is their removeable!

    yep,I was very pleased when my son removed his

    My cousin's son did a lip pierce, it became infected, he now has a terrible scar.  I don't like them, I think they are hideous.   I am Italian, in generations ago and some still do they would pierce a 'tiny' gold earring on the baby shortly after birth, this earring would assure they would have at least a proper burial when they died. Tradition or not, I see these people and wonder 'why?" same with tats.. Have they any idea what these tats will look like in later years?  Especially stupid when they put their lover's name on their body. 


    The bit about the earring is interesting. In early modern/late medieval times, it was customary for Christians who were members of dangerous trades, especially actors or seamen, to wear a gold earring. The idea was that it could be used to finance a basic but decent burial should he die far from home in a heathen country. Hence the tradition of the Grateful Dead.
    A guy who worked with me for several years was determined to make his career with the company. He was Polish, exceedingly bright, and worked very hard. He therefore had the company's name transliterated into Hebrew characters down one forearm, to signify his commitment. Unforch, he came down with an ailment which meant that he could no longer do the work, and lost the job. What he is doing now, if anything, and where, I have no idea. But the tattoo is surely with him still.
    Some body modifications are good as far as I'm concerned but the are always to exceptions tothat rule some piercings are just downright ugly and gross to me but I guess its up to the person who is looking at the piersed one to make the judgement along with the pierced person who got it in the first place
    Moderation in that is probably a good thing. But, I wouldn't want a waitress or waiter serving me who looks like a human pin cushion. I might be old fashioned, but in some instances it is just too weird...and I don't want to have to look at weird when I'm going out to eat with my family.

    In general I don't care but some are beyond disgusting...

    Personally I don't believe in body piercing,it doesn't improve your
    appearance,and I can't see any attraction from having hole,or maybe you want to be a holy men or women.

    I seriously doubt anyone that suggested I get  the type oft piercings your talking about, or tattoos for that matter  would be compatible for me anyway, I'm fairly old fashioned, however I do accept things have changed and accept that other people may find these attractive.My daughter has a small piercing in her nose, belly button and ears, and a tiny tatt of a Gecko on her shoulder,I must admit they look o.k, I do have my ears pierced and love earrings.

    Tongue studs can cause perforation of the palate and the piercing can lead to haemorrhage and infection.

    Would you like to be treated by a doctor or dentist who had visible tattoos or piercings?


    No. I reckon they reflect a devil-may-care attitude to justy about everything.

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