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    Headless Man
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    How long are you on akaQA a day?

    Morning, noon or evening?

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    I don't have an specific time. When I find myself free of some duties I sign in for maybe 2 to 3 hours. Its fun.

    Ms Sinclair
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    I don't have a set amount of time. I'm on here when I'm not working and when I'm not doing other things.

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    I am on with my morning coffee for about 45 mins.... At lunch for about 30 mins before I cook dinner (with another cup of coffee) for about 15-30 mins..... And After I put hubby and kids to bed for who knows how long.

    ed shank
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    Anytime really. Probably 2 hrs total during the day. I check in and out.Usually an hour at 4:30 AM.

    Headless Man
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    I've been busier than usual and am on only a few minuets a day at different times.

    Headless Man I had been on 6-8 hr a day and thought I was on a lot.
    Colleen I put extra time in to watch for people who just want to post offensive questions or answer with insulting remarks, like "you're and idiot or you're stupid" or "your mother has sex with dogs" (yes, I've seen even that comment). You know, the kids who think it's funny to post rude comments.

    Well now that I typed all this, I just looked up and saw your comment to me, lol

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    Tuff answer, I am on my laptop most of the day and evening working with clients or forwarding stupid joke emails.. I come and go all day on this forum.

    itsmee who are your clients? Not their names!
    Vinny People i work with that I convince to see things my way, when i convince them to see things my way, they smile and are very happy to give me their money so i can continue living well and afford my internet service so i can answer these questions here on akQA.. :) These are my clients..
    itsmee Keep you clients, Mr. Vinny.

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    I'm on different times, between work,school, working out, work around home and fortune work, my time varies. Usually on an hour or two at the most.

    Coach Just wanted to say "Hi" ghost. It's been awhile. Hope all is well with you my friend.
    Spaceghost WELCOME BACK My Friend, I've REALLY MISSED YOU !!! How is everything going with you? I hope all is well.
    Spaceghost Love your new look.
    Coach School winding are nuts...teachers are nuts! What else is new? Ha ha.
    Spaceghost I know what you mean my friend, hang in there buddy.

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    Mainly in the evenings,it helps with the loneliness...boredom.....i feel i learn something new every day.

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    varies for me the computers on 24/7 its just a matter of when i get to it, on average 10 hours a day in various increments!!

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    2-3 hrs during the day and 1-2 hrs in the evening TV is too boring and I have 600 channels+.

    ed shank I've got 900, and not a thing worth watching anymore.

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    I used to be here several hours a day or times a day, but resent developments have demanded more of my time elsewhere, so I can't spend much time here anymore for a while. Sad to say because I miss all my Aka friends and it's a fun site.

    Maybe now I can only get here every few days...

    Headless Man I've noticed you gone more, but I been busy with other things also.
    leeroy Yeah, I'm trying to work part time for a company I used to manage, but I'm under strict doctors orders not to lift anything over 20 pounds, so it's been difficult to find something.

    I had a difficult time today doing office work, I couldn't sit for the 4 hours without experiencing terrible pain. I really need to do something, but I am praying to find the perfect fit. I'm not sure if I can even last doing this new office stuff?
    ed shank I wish you luck Leeroy.
    leeroy Thanks E.S., I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue working I may need more physical therapy?

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    I sign on at 4:00-4:30 a.m. until about 6:00 p.m.

    mycatsmom you're kidding, right ?!! altho you do have 23,380 Karma points!

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    I'm on whenever I can/want anytime of the day using either my computers or iphone.

    itsmee you made the funniest comment about where to put visine. the page slipped away from me and i couldn't give you a thumb up. so now i do.

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    I'm logged in approx 16 hours a day, give or take. I'm back and forth in between doing things around the house or yard. Less hours on shopping days or times when I'm helping out at the church.

    Headless Man I understand your need to be.
    dwayne1716 tell me about helping out at the church i was thinking your religion was self induced
    Colleen Wrong still dwayne. My spiritual path is not self induced. Take your veiled insults and go pray for yourself that God opens your pin brain. I've said countless times that I donate time to the local church and even posted the story as to why I stated to do so in the first place.

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    Anytime during day,in and out.

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    two or three hours. Sometimes it's broken up, not straight thru.
    Yes, I'm addicted to it :-/
    I should be doing my wash, or writing checks, or doing dishes.

    mycatsmom Guess I should get a life, huh ?
    Ducky Why? haha

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    An hour or so a day. But, I am back to work, and sometimes work some long hours any time around the clock hauling hot top for roads. So, if there's some guy with a big rumbling truck parked in front of your house some nice, it might be me. In turn, I promise I won't use the engine brake as I come to a stop!

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    Too long!

    digger Honesty. I love it.

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    I piddle at it...mainly the evening.

    itsmee benthere ... i laugh and piddle at it in the late evening. or during parts of the day when frustration overtakes me.
    Benthere I hope I am part of the laughter, not the frustration.
    itsmee Before we left for going out to dinner or some other engagement, my dad used to say “One last nervous piddle!” (Of course, I still say it.)
    When we were camping my daughter had a call from nature. It was about 3 AM and the wolves howled around us. (Maybe wolves) I hushed to all the other campers “Go now or forever hold your pee.”
    Benthere ... You wrote your first entry 7 months ago and it’s still going strong.
    I’m sure off topic but I doubt that it matters.

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    I have only been here since May 4th and like most of you I come and go throughout the day. I really enjoy this site.

    itsmee we're always here with our bright shiny faces. good, huh?!

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    varies, short spurts, when i can fit it in.

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    varies but probably too long!!!!

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    Yes, I know this is OFF TOPIC but I just wanted to say Hiiiii Coach!!!!!!! Welcome back!!!! Good to see you here again!!!! :D

    Coach Hey (((COL))). CT trip was a blast! I now suck at golf in another state...ha ha!
    Colleen Well it's good being good at something even if it's being bad at golf, LOL
    itsmee I hope Coach comes back. He was here briefly when I first signed on.

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    off topic: methadone works very well for my chronic pain.

    itsmee What was I doing with that answer there???

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    As much as i can, Its better then TV

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    I usually sit on morning time for 1/2 hours & in the night time for 2 hours.

    If discontinued, i usually sit in free time.



    Headless Man Thats good, glad to have you here.

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    Like many others, I try to fit it in as I live and function throughout the day and night.  I do not let it addict me, but use it to fill in my time as I like.  I think that is the healthy approach, some have become ill over it running their lives, and I am going to watch out for that happening! 

    Headless Man Good answer.....

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    Morning, noon and night, with tea breaks in between. 

    Headless Man LOL..... hope so.

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    Headless Man What...........

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    I'm new but not much time , its kind of slow and really tame in here too me . I spend more time on Sodahead where people get down and just mean at times .

    Colleen Since we are a help site and not a fight arena, this site will be pretty tame at all times. Enjoy your Sodahead arena. ;)

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