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    Loud Larry
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    What foreign country owns the most U.S. property?

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    3 years ago
    bravehart1964 How are we supposed to force corporations back to US soil if we are owned by China ?Its never going to happen kiss your jobs good by !

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    Expert is right... Japan.. That may change soon though, China may be next but I think now there is a clause of protection for US territory and the purchase for profits.. Should be too if we are ever going to start manufacturing here again.. We American people need our jobs back.. On our own soil.. making our own stuff! that we can buy... We used to be the #1 in manufacturing, now due to greed, i think we are on the bottom of the labor bucket..

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    Japan presently owns the most real estate in the United States, according the the US Department of Commerce.

    ed shank
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    I thought it was the sand fleas.

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