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    What is the most dangerous wasp in the world?

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    3 years ago

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    Ground wasps are the most aggressive. Nasty buggers they are.

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    If you want the "insect only" version I would say yellow jackets as swarmers.

    They can sting repeatedly without dying, unlike most bee species. They’ll also aggressively defend their nests, which can hold huge numbers of the wasps.

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    The Sea Wasp

    The Sea Wasp or the box jellyfish is one of the most deadly stinging animals in the sea. The sea wasp has a large transparent body shaped like a box or a bell, that can be as large as a bucket, and can weigh as much as five pounds.

    A cluster of 16 long semi-transparent tentacles stream out from under the bell of the box jellyfish. Millions of stinging capsules cover each of the tentacles. The stinging capsules discharge lethal poison into the skin of any creature that touches them. Children who have been stung by the sea wasp have died within minutes of being stung.

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    ninnet referred to the yellow jackets which i think may be the same as the' european wasp',we have down under, another illegal alien.

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    Actually, the 2 (land) wasps that are considered to possess the most painful stings are the Apoica wasp:

    And the "Cow killer" wasp:

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