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    What is the quality of the Horugel piano

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    The 3 major Korean piano producers are Young Chang, Samick and until recently, Sojin/Daewoo. These three conglomerates produce or have produced, besides pianos with their own names on them, instruments with recognizable American brand names such as Weber, WM. Knabe, Wurlitzer, Kohler & Campbell, Schafer & Sons, Sherman Clay, or PianoDisc, and also with a wide assortment of "stencil" or "trade" names such as Hyundai, Schumann, Stegler, Cline, Daytron, Royale, Wagner, Bernhard Steiner, Otto Altenburg, Horugel, Maeri, and a host of others. Since all 3 of these Korean piano makers have made themselves available to build pianos to order, and will put virtually any name desired on the piano, a number of respected U.S. piano companies are currently using them to build their 2nd or 3rd line pianos.

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